Lifted F450 For Sale Improvement

Lifted F450 For Sale Improvement – When you just had to have the biggest, baddest truck around, you bought an F-450 Super Duty. Still not enough? Pick it up!

It’s no secret that the mighty F-450 Super Duty is one of the biggest and baddest trucks you can buy from any brand. With the transmission and big tires, it easily towers over everything else out there as a monster truck.

Lifted F450 For Sale Improvement

This is still a relatively new truck, so the changes are few this time. However, we think you’ll agree that there’s too much here to give it space on

Front Lift 2.5

In fact the 2020 F-450 Super Duty is already compelling to begin with. It’s a King Pet trim, built out like a crew car with an eight-foot bed and four-wheel drive. In terms of sheer size, the truck probably needs its own zip code. From some angles, this black and chrome pickup looks more like a diesel locomotive than a truck.

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Additionally, brandon4 also ordered his 2020 F-450 with the FX4 road package. On the F-450, that includes skid plates for the transmission case and fuel tank, special-tuned shock absorbers, and Hill Traction Control.

To improve the exterior – and to add to the tough guy looks of this truck – brandon4 added a 2.5″ transmission kit. Of course, even a small lift changes the suspension geometry dramatically, so he also installed Icon’s adjustable track bar and Superlift radius arms.

The wheels are from Alcoa, wrapped in beefy Hankook 265 rubber. Centramatic balance rings are employed to keep the truck rolling smoothly. Apparently, brandon4 has already worn these tires, and is planning on installing even more Continental 285 series tires.

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Cen Ford F450 Sd Kg1 Edition 1/10 Rtr Custom Dually Truck (silver Mercury) [ceg8983]

As beautiful as this truck is, it gets used, and used often. Owning six Ford Super Duty pickups, brandon4 has driven over 200,000 miles across the country. There is understanding. If we had a truck like this, it would be hard for you to get us out of the back wheel.

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