Lifted First Gen Cummins Dually

Lifted First Gen Cummins Dually – Robert was born into a Mopar family and his father restored and owned many 1960’s Chrysler products. At fourteen months old, he started making car noises as he moved the wheels on his stroller. At the age of seven, he started participating in national shows. By eight, he fell in love with the world of cars. When he was eighteen, his father told him it was time to buy his own car. His father had already arranged for him to buy a 1990 W250 Ram pickup truck equipped with a 727 three-speed automatic. Years later, he found out the reason for this sales arrangement was that the truck’s top speed was only 71 MPH. His father was concerned that all the years of racing would lead to serious problems in road racing.

After a year of owning the truck, Robert had a list of things he wished he could change about it. It includes an automatic transmission, no rear seat, and no pit. He immediately began the search for a replacement truck. In 2004, he found a 1993 W350 paired with a 1980 D350 360 CID double in British Columbia, Canada. The conversion was done by a company in northern Alberta. He called the dealer and became the new owner of the truck! After a few weeks, it was delivered to him by rail in Ontario. When the truck was brought home with the trunk a few hundred miles up, he had a list of repairs that were needed. This includes rebuilding the transmission, installing power windows and door locks, a worn out engine and a nearly blown rear axle. He decided to redo the entire car line in the winter. This caused him to keep the 1990 Ram for a while until the new truck was reliable.

Lifted First Gen Cummins Dually

Somewhere in this, another issue came up. His father examined the truck and said, “If you’re going to do the car line, you should do it right and repaint it.” Robert said there was no way he was going down that road. If he painted it again, he knew he would allow his perfection to turn this into a restoration.

What’s Your Dream 1st Gen???

As the weeks went by, his father reminded him “You have to paint.” After two months, he surrendered. On December 24, 2006, he realized that this was the beginning of a reformation. He didn’t know, until June 2019 until he took it again. Being a perfectionist, he wanted this to be the best restoration the first generation Cummins Dodge Ram had ever seen.

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Over the next thirteen years, he began building a truck that was never built. He wanted the best car, so he needed special suspension that could pull heavy trailers across the country, strong enough for climbing, a heavy load and more accessories than the size, power difference, comfortable seats, many air conditioners to keep things cool on the hottest days, and many other features that show the vision he had in his head. There are very few parts available for these trucks, so much of his time is spent finding original factory parts to ensure the correct truck restoration.

I ended up taking the truck off the frame without the frames and removing all the nuts and bolts. The sand was broken in his father’s driveway and then the meeting began. Every single nut, bolt, and part was replaced with new, refurbished, or rebuilt. Wherever possible, parts were improved. He installed the best parts pulled from other Dodge vehicles. The rear Dana 70 axle was replaced with a 1998 Dana 80. The engine was replaced with a 1997 12V Cummins with a complete housing in its garage with a complete head, stage 3 Hamilton cam, integrated turbochargers, and many other good things b. can rely on 70 PSI pressure. The ad that started it all, it was replaced with a custom twin cabin attached together and delivered to a 24 key truck. The setup is very similar to the setup of a semi-truck. The interior seats came from the 2008 SRT Charger and mixed with a number of special home accessories to add a headliner to the truck – something Dodge has never done with crew models.

Having the mechanic in his background, his thirst for knowing what was going on inside his truck became important. Most diesel cars are built for quarter-mile electric use, which means if you hold your pedal to the floor for longer than a quarter mile, you’ll start to melting piston, things will be hot, etc. For this truck, he planned. All parts of the truck can handle daily horsepower. It meant pulling his trailer forty feet up the side of Eisenhower Pass, with the pedal on the floor up and not needing to be lifted because things were hot. This requires a number of modifications including the standard mounting hardware and a different coolant pump to pump the fluid through the rad and fan assembly, a 2002 Dodge Ram intercooler and mounting bracket for most surfaces. the ground for heating, installed Horton’s fan from a Freightliner, and most importantly, the internal wiring measurements. the car line to be able to monitor all the important things. In total, the truck has twenty-six Phantom series dimensions. These metrics allow him to reliably monitor his components to alert him to problems before they fail and also to monitoring other less important processes, such as air conditioning. Since he is often away from home, being able to trust his equipment and verify his measurements is very important. Being able to match all the measurements is a necessary condition for him to maintain a uniform appearance.

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Wow ! Very Unique 1993 Dodge Ram 350 Cummins Turbo Diesel

The main task of the truck is the cable system. The 1993 engine is now fitted with part of the 1980 body harness and is connected to the 1998 engine, which is all connected to the standard wiring harness that controls more than 40 relays and rocker switches built in. the console from the Dodge Caravan. The wiring of twenty-six gauges was no mean task. Hundreds of hours of wiring went into this truck, but it ended up being one of the cleanest jobs ever done on a car. Every single wire is marked on each end where the other ends in case of a wiring problem, it will make the diagnosis much easier.

In a world of pre-owned cars that are modified or built with pre-made parts that are available off the shelf, a “built not sold” car. The parts he needed didn’t exist and he was often told it couldn’t be built this way. For him, this truck was born from the dream of an eighteen-year-old boy. Although it took more than ten years and more than 8,600 hours to make it happen, he did not give up on his dream and his vision.

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To help inspire others, he has maintained a thread on this truck since the early years of his restoration to help inspire others and show them how to make these changes themselves. He hopes to show others that while you may not be able to hire a shop to build your dream car, with a little time and patience, you can build it yourself. .

Robert has nothing but thanks and appreciation for his father, who was by his side throughout the building (and donated his garage for the thirteen years it was built!), to his friend Andy which has been spent almost every Saturday for the past three years. the builder in his garage helping to reassemble the truck, to many co-workers, family, and friends who helped make this truck happen. It’s also a big thank you to companies like this who are creating the products that enthusiasts like him need, to be able to build the car of their dreams.

The Cummins Powered First Gen Crew Cab Dodge Should’ve Built

And about that 1990 W250…. twenty years later, he still has the truck his father bought him. It now has a twin 24-speed and 13 Z series gauges to monitor the 1200 ft lbs that is now moving through its lineup. It’s safe to say it’s no longer limited to 71 MPH. In Robert’s words, “It’s funny how fate works.” Big Order? No problem! Funding available via QUADPAY or PAYPAL 0% 6 Month Approval Fast & Easy, Don’t know what you need? Call us 740-939-0073 LIVE CHAT Watch below 10am-6pm Eastern

IT COMES FROM THE CAT:  New coil springs, extended shocks, and coil springs, are moved forward about 2″

We get requests for this all the time. “How do I lift the front end of my d250?” A coil spring, filter and a set of shocks do it. With these new long coil springs, extended shocks, and spring suspension, it will raise the front end.