Lifted Ford Dually Greatest

Lifted Ford Dually Greatest – There is almost nothing bigger than a beautiful big dually lifted. These trucks are the biggest of the big, the biggest of the big, and they are just glorious rolling down the road. Here we’ve compiled a group of our favorite dual lift trucks from the Truck Trend Network archives. They are shown in no particular order. Want to see more? Click on the 8-Lug HD Truck tab at the top of this page and go crazy!

They say everything is bigger in Texas, right? Take a good look at Kenda Lees Dually lifted Dodge as you cruise around the areas near Midland-Odessa, Texas. Kenda, is the proud owner of the Reaper, a 2006 Dodge 3500 dually.

Lifted Ford Dually Greatest

Travis Fugitt, the caretaker of Fugitt Farms in Bakersfield, California, brings us a wild, highly modified, agriculturally functional GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali ’16, a vision that was created in January 2016 by friend Cris Payne. Travis bought his GMC in June 2016 and started mapping out the build. In August, the truck was placed at the 2016 SEMA Show, so the crunch was on!

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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we know the crew at 8 Lug Customs in West Park, Florida must be big fans. Equally intrigued with the magazine title and lifted trucks, owner Julio Paez, shop manager Jorge Martinez and fabricator Adalberto Cabeza have been producing awesome custom vehicles for a long time. Julio originally started with Mustangs, but switched to trucks around the time the 8-Lug magazine hit the market.

After the initial shock caused by the lift and 22.5-inch big rig wheels on Carl Fick’s ’15 Ford F-350, people usually peg his rig as just another “show truck “. In reality, however, Carl’s big, loaded car is used every day as a workhorse and is full of unique owner parts and cool ideas that separate themselves from the pack.

Something bad this way comes. And by bad, we mean cool, mixed with a healthy dose of dark and sinister, thanks to the ominous, terrifying, custom-airbrushed paint job. Indeed, the ’16 Ram 3500 Mega Cab dually owned by Joey Chavarria is a sight to behold – plenty of trucks with those dual sides and Mega Cab configuration – that the pictures don’t do justice.

Amidst all the ostentatious bling and ridiculousness of the main hall of the SEMA Show, it’s super easy to miss some truly exceptional builds. A real testament to the placement and uniqueness of a vehicle is that, with a brief description, you can say Oh, yes, I know exactly which vehicle you are talking about. Case in point: black Super Duty lowered on 28s in the Ford cab.

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Duallys With Bigger Tires

Every once in a while, a feature crosses our desks that leaves us speechless and scratching our eyebrows. This specimen certainly counts as one of them – introducing Quinn, owned by Pete Alongi of Addiction Offroad in San Antonio, Texas. We all know that Texas serves up larger-than-life custom trucks, but this one takes that stereotype to the extreme.

Jesse James, who currently lives in Austin, Texas, contacted Jason Naron of Jays Fine Line Rigs Offroad & Performance to get his ’02 Ford F-450 Super Duty built with some style to show off what a real work truck looked like. in Texas – with a touch of that showmanship that Jason is known for, of course!

Jeff Scofield is quickly becoming a household name—that is, if your family revolves around fast cars, lifted trucks, custom builds, and performance. A few of his creations have already graced these pages in the recent past. Remember the F-250 called “Impulse”?

We love big trucks and we can’t lie. Austin O’Krinsky, one of the owners of Extreme Offroad and Performance, builds a handful of crazy big trucks worthy of shows like the huge, invite-only SEMA Show held in Las Vegas every year, the show that many companies build to show. out only what they are capable of. If there is one thing that the SEMA show is best known for, it would be the sky-high, monstrously lifted trucks. The trend started years ago on the simple premise that if you are using a vehicle to attract people to your show stand, it must stand out. And really, what better way to stand out in such a large crowd than to stand out. Over the years, we’ve counted as many as 300 of these insane, over-the-top pickups. Even though the 2021 SEMA Show has been scaled down a bit, there were still some stunning megatrucks on display for research. While we were there, we collected some of our favorite larger pickups at SEMA 2021 for you to marvel at like we did.

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Fusion Bumpers always brings an impressive collection of massively lifted pickups to the SEMA Show. This Ford F-250 Super Duty built by Maxxed Diesel caught the eye as soon as it arrived at the show’s Diamond Lot. With plenty of blue powder coating, matching paint color, and polished parts, this custom pickup really stands out from the crowd.

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Standard off-the-shelf lift kits just don’t cut it when it comes to creating one of the biggest pickups at the SEMA Show. These mega trucks often have custom axle trusses, large drop-bracket subframe suspension systems, and massive coilover shocks. Of course, there are also plenty of bright chromes and custom powdercoats. This lift is done better than most, as the pickup has the front drive shaft in place and does not use wheel spacers.

We know full well that this Ford Excursion is not a pickup. It is, however, based on the Ford F-Series Super Duty platform and so it is acceptable to us. What’s more, this particular custom Ford Expedition was not only taken to the moon, but also sported a highly customized pearl paint job that was amazing to see in person.

Seeing everything these awesome custom lifted trucks have to offer can sometimes be a challenge. These trucks are so tall that a large scale is often needed to see details in the interior and engine bay. This Ford Expedition solved the problem of not being able to see all the work done to its 6.0L Power Stroke diesel engine by adding mirrors to the underside of the hood.

Wider Wheels On A Dually?

If there was one thing about the 2021 SEMA show, it was that there was still an abundance of big, elevated Ford F-Series pickups. This Ford F-350 Super Duty was found parked outside the West Hall near the Diamond Lot and was among the largest Ford F-350 pickups we’ve seen. We especially liked the truck’s custom front bumper design with integrated Baja Designs LED off-road lights.

A few years ago, an innovative new company called Any Level Lift exploded onto the mega lift truck scene. The revolutionary suspension systems Any Level Lift offers combines a hydraulic cylinder, a swing arm and a traditional coilover shock absorber. This allows owners to raise or lower their truck to almost any imaginable height. While the coilover shock provides the ride quality, the hydraulic ram is used to adjust the ride height.

The honor of the largest, and only (that we’ve seen) six-door pickup of the 2021 SEMA Show goes to this massive Ford F-350 Super Duty. At past SEMA Shows, six-door (and even eight-door) trucks were all the rage. This custom pickup had a Carbon Shock Technologies suspension system along with Maxxed Forged Wheels and Fury Country Hunter M/T tires. Hopefully 2022 will usher in the return of the six doors.

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If you’re going to build one of the biggest pickups at the SEMA Show, then why not start with one of the biggest trucks you can buy, a Ram Mega Cab. That’s exactly what happened here with this huge and enormously pink Ram monster. We especially loved the huge, dual, diamond-shaped, miter-cut and very pink exhausts.

Max Tire Size For ’06 F350

While six-door trucks seem to be currently on sale at the SEMA Show, stacking things on top of trucks is definitely still in fashion. This Ram 5500 parked in the Atturo Tires booth not only featured a mega-high lift, but was also equipped with six-wheel drive. Oh, and it also had a custom four-seat UTV piled on top for good measure. Not only was this the biggest Ram 5500 at the SEMA Show, but it may also be one of the biggest trucks, period.

We always love to see the latest trucks cut up, lifted to the sky, and fully decked out. This massive custom GMC Sierra Denali HD caught our attention thanks in part to its massive 42-inch Fury tires and 28-inch TIS forged wheels. While we rarely see customized GMC Sierras, this one in particular was done really well.

Believe it or not, boats used to be a part of the SEMA Show, and we miss those days. Leave it to truck guru Chris Payne to bring the boats back in grand fashion. This massive Ram truck is not only towing a beautiful matching Supra wakeboard boat, but it also has a fully customized Smart car on the bed rack. If there is a part that can be customized on a truck or added to it, this rig has it. It’s unbelievable.

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