Lifted Ford F450 For Sale

Lifted Ford F450 For Sale – Daily Slideshow: Pocketed and lifted Super Tasks are all the rage these days. Especially since they can easily do everything!

In the past, trucks were only expected to do one thing. And that one thing is work. But today, we want our trucks to do everything. That means hauling crazy loads, across all terrain, and taking the whole family to the movies. All in ultimate comfort. Fortunately, Ford has backed us up with a very capable lineup of Super Duty trucks. But if you want to take this already incredible machine to the next level, all it takes is a few modifications to make a true head-turner.

Lifted Ford F450 For Sale

Lifted and pocketed luxury trucks are in vogue, and for good reason. Just call a store like Scofield Performance in Florida, tell them what you want, and they’ll turn your trip into something truly special with just a few bolts.

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But when owner Jeff Scofield wanted to build a truck for his dad Danny, he knew it had to be the same piece that could be used and looked good. Since his father not only needed a truck to sail, he also needed something to tow his race car tow without a problem.

When Scofield saw this 2017 Ford F-450 sitting in a local dealership, he knew right away that it was the perfect candidate for his next build. Already a very capable rider in his own right, he doesn’t mess with the truck’s powerful mechanics. Instead, he enhanced the look of the Shadow Black’s ride by painting all the plastic trim to match.

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Scofield also added Bullseye Reto lighting all around for better viewing and visibility. Those little touches make a world of difference in the way the rig looks right off the bat.

Next, Scofield turned his attention to the horses. Knowing this truck needed to maintain its ability to haul gooseneck trailers, the obvious choice was air suspension. Scofield set a pretty good setup consisting of a 5-6-inch Kelderman Air Suspension Package and an AccuAir e-Level Air Management Package.

Ford F Series (seventh Generation)

With the truck in the right position, it’s time to choose the perfect rolling stock set to top it all off. Since the rest of the truck is already blackened, it makes sense to go with an equally dark set of wheels. So Scofield opted for 22×8.25″ aluminum forged American Force Baus wheels.

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The aggressive-looking wheels are wrapped in 37-inch 13.50R22 Toyo Open Country M/T tires that are just as aggressive for a match made in heaven. For now, the perfect all-around build is complete, but some performance mods may be coming in the future.

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