Lifted Obs F350 Dually

Lifted Obs F350 Dually – Big white looks great on the front of A&G tires and wheels. The tuning kit got rid of the truck’s original low, smelly front end, and with new Duralast suspension and steering components under the front (and good wheel alignment), the 25-year-old works car feels great to drive. Better.

Age makes all vehicles, and the miles only accelerate the aging process. That’s how it usually works for trucks that see regular duty on roads, highways, farms, and anywhere else they can be driven. Our ’95 Ford F-350, big white, is a prime example of a rig that experiences both.

Lifted Obs F350 Dually

The 2-wheel-dive 7.3L-powered crew-cab dualie will be 25 years old in 2020, and by the time you read this, the odometer will have passed 170,000 miles. It has weathered the time well. But mechanical problems started to occur, and they needed to be fixed.

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For this training upgrade, taking care of Big White’s front suspension was our number one priority. Worn ball joints and tie rod ends contribute to accelerated wear on the tires of the Toyo Open Country H/T. And the wear of the twin I-beam steering components is experiencing steering wheel vibration and slight drag. Our dualie is also in need of new shocks, brakes, and a few inches of front end lift to get rid of the “stink bug” stance.

A&G Tire and Wheel Technician Fabian B puts a measuring tape on the front of our ’95 Ford F-350 before he installs a complete 2-inch performance tuning kit. Tape of the tape: 35 inches to the center of the front wheel.

Unfortunately, due to its age, it is not easy to find the correct steering and suspension parts for the old Ford pickup truck (OBS) at the service department of the Ford dealer. We collected ball joints, drag links, tie rod ends, and brake components from Auto Zone, choosing Duralast “Gold Series” front end hardware for our new build because they are equal to, or better in quality. Than, OEM parts.

For Big White’s face lift/adjustment to eliminate the exploited stance, we turned to Complete Performance Products in Jasper, Texas. There are several tuning kits for four-wheel Super Duty trucks, but “CP Addict” makes the only one we know of designed specifically for the ’80-to-’97 two-wheel OBS trucks.

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The tuning kit consists of a pair of special aluminum coil springs that slide below the roll bar and raise the front suspension by 2 inches. “We created these spring spacers to upgrade 80s to 90s trucks with front ends that have dropped from the weight of diesel engines (Ford Power Strokes, Cummins conversions, etc.),” ​​says CP Addict. Owner Chris Rutledge. “We decided that they needed to be durable and durable for the truck, so they were constructed from solid aluminum to prevent rapid deterioration.”

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Corrosion sets in after a few years, making it difficult to loosen the hardware for the steering linkage, unless it is doused with a liberal amount of penetrating lubricant. Big White’s drag link looks like it hasn’t been touched in at least a decade.

With the exhaust out, it’s the perfect time to replace the truck’s worn twin tube hydraulic shocks with Bilstein monotube, gas pressure shocks. The Bilsteins, recommended by and available through CP Addict, are the best replacement dampers for OBS trucks, and the high-pressure gas inside them keeps water from venting that reduces shock control. These high quality shocks help smooth the Big White’s ride and reduce tire wear.

A&G Automotive Tires and Wheels in Reseda, California, are experts at working on trucks like Big White. It didn’t take long for technician Fabian B to remove the front end and replace the old part with Duralast and CP Addict upgrades.

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One of the wear items that make the steering slightly loose is the tie rod. These definitely show the effect of both age and miles.

New brake calipers, calipers, pads, drag links, tie rod ends, spacers, shocks, and rear bushings were carefully and expertly installed. We then took our dualie to the alignment rack to get the front end aligned to factory specifications – something that hadn’t been done in years.

With the job done, it’s off to the side of the road to see how Big White responds to the upgrade. The ride and handling is much better. The steering vibration is gone. There is no pulling, and it rolls through dips with excellent stability and cross expansion joints and potholes with less jarring than it did before the modification.

We are very pleased with the stage of the new incarnation of this truck and absolutely love the stance level. As far as cosmetics, just give you what is in the future, the body will be wrapped. So we don’t know if we can call it Big White anymore. (The wrapper program is currently being calculated by Mike Smith at Raceskinz).

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The old Weld wheels and Toyo Open Country H/T tires will come out and be replaced with Mayhem’s Monstir (dualie-specific) wheels and Toyo’s newest Open Country tires, the H/T II. We do a lot of daily driving and trailering with the Big White, and the H/T tires have done a great job for them. We in that matter.

Magazine Facebook page, and check out to stay tuned for future stages of the next incarnation of our OBS rig. We think that the upgrades and improvements that we are doing are really the right thing to do. For pickup 25 years.

The F-350 OBS two-wheel tuning kit from CP Addict is simple yet durable. A 2-inch spacer, machined from billet aluminum, is designed to sit on each spring perch to provide lift. The kit is a great cure for front sagging on classic Ford rigs.

Fabian removed the shock and disconnected the steering components so that the front suspension of our F-350 could be lowered enough to slide the spacers under the coil springs.

Felt Cute Might Delete Later.

He also replaced the tired OEM dual tube hydraulic shocks with Bilstein high pressure monotube dampers. New gas shocks provide even more spring control, giving the Big White more maneuverability – and also reducing tire wear in the process.

Removing the upper and lower ball joints requires an air impact hammer to drive them off the axle. The looseness of the ball joint makes it look like the Big White has never been replaced, which is probably the main cause of the steering vibration we feel – and the source of the odd “clunk” when hitting potholes.

We like the fact that Duralast’s Gold Series ball joints can be lubricated, which provides better control over the maintenance aspect of keeping the OBS Ford front suspension in tip-top shape.

The new upper and lower ball joints should easily last another decade and help bring the Big White’s steering back to near-stock operation and feel. The new steering box is on our “Upgrades” list further down the road.

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We replaced the front center assembly and wheel studs as well as the rotors. That way, we know that everything inside from the wheel is new and without problems.

Deep grooves in old rotors make replacing them necessary. We picked up Duralast Gold Series rotors, OEM quality (and official NASCAR brakes), at AutoZone.

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Instead of disassembling the 25-year-old stock link and installing a new tie-rod end and adjusting arm, Fabian removed it and installed a new assembly using Duralast Gold tie-rod ends. The ends of the old laces were worn and the shoes were cracked with age.

The lifetime warranty on the Duralast Gold tie-rod ends means that while they should be trouble-free for a few decades under Big White’s head, the company supports replacing them in the event of premature failure (not related to normal wear). . Zerk accessories make it easy to keep them well lubricated, too.

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All that remains to be done is slipping on the tires and wheels. With new brakes, ball valves, and steering linkage, the Big White should be much more comfortable to drive on long trips. No wander. No pulling. There is no vibration of the steering wheel. Stop faster. All good.

Fabian measured the height of the front wheel again when everything was buttoned up. Tape reads 38 inches—3 inches longer than stock. 1 inch more than we expected from the CP Addict “2 inch” two-wheel drive tuning kit, but it actually fits the white big well. This Ford F-350 Centurion Power Stroke 7.3L has a positive interior and exterior. Yes Brutal definitely has a VHS player built in.

At this point, it’s safe to say you have a half-baked limousine. For those out there who prefer a more refined and polished luxo-barge, there are some outstanding options. Factory-built long-wheelbase Maybachs are the job for most of the one percent, although if you want to tow a boat with a rolling slice of your opulence, the German car will make you want more. That’s why the Ford F-350 Centurion exists – to carry the whole family, along with all the extra stuff.

It’s not every day that one of these “extended pickup” models comes out for sale like this.

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