Lifted Obs Ford Dually Excellent

Lifted Obs Ford Dually Excellent – This Ford F-350 Centurion Power Stroke 7.3L Is As Plush On The Inside As It Is Brutal On The Outside Of course it has a built-in VHS player.

At this point, it’s safe to say you’re full of half-baked limousines. For those out there who prefer a refined and polished luxo-barge, there are several options that stand out. Factory-built, long-wheelbase Maybachs do the job for most people, though if you need to tow a boat with your little one, the German car will leave you wanting more. That’s why the Ford F-350 Centurion exists—carrying the whole family, along with a lot of things, uniquely.

Lifted Obs Ford Dually Excellent

It’s not every day that one of these “extra driver” models comes up for sale like this one on Bring a Trailer, and that’s because there aren’t many built. See, the F-350 leaves the Ford factory and is shipped to Centurion, a conversion company known for its, erm, original cars. The car will have four doors stretched to provide good legroom with a number of luxury items thrown in for good measure. This was the 1990s, so you have to dig deep into your brain to remember what television with its VHS trick was and still is.

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The interior, including the chairs and the fold-back bed – oh, yeah, it has one of those – is made from the same material as your grandmother’s bedroom chair. With any luck, this won’t be affected by cigarette smoke, like your grandmother’s chair.

It wouldn’t be period correct without piles of wood throughout the house and, luckily, this one has exactly that. You’ll find items on all four doors, as well as the dashboard, center console, and top of the car’s roof. It may feel more retro RV than modern luxury, but that’s okay because cool school isn’t going anywhere.

Unfortunately, the exterior has received a number of updates that help build on the previously stupid design. Gone are the wheels and in their place are 22-inch, 10-lug semi rollers polished to glass. All six are wrapped in 285/45 U.S.A. highway-friendly tires. without the annoying sound of mud puddles.

Under the hood is the venerable 7.3-liter Power Stroke V8 engine, considered by many to be the most reliable diesel engine Ford has ever installed. Looking at the exterior, it also packs an ATS intercooler setup that helps keep temperatures down and the turbocharger up. Once the power is magically generated with the help of forced induction, it’s fed back to a four-speed automatic transmission that ultimately sends it to the rear wheels only—a common practice for dual-wheel drive vehicles of this era.

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F350 With A 12v Cummins And Ford Zf 5 Speed

There is also a 50 gallon fuel tank for long trips from one park to another.

All things considered, the car has a unique look. It has been driven a little over 201,000 miles, which may sound like a lot, but it is acceptable due to the longevity of the Power Stroke. The body is in good shape, under it, there is a little rust while the main point is that the Centurion has enlarged the body.

The sale ends on Thursday, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to bid. Just let us know if you end up buying because we have the best ideas to make it a driver.Going Hollywood perfect every day is a quote given if someone makes it big time. Known for its bright lights and high life, Hollywood is the Mecca of success and fame, but it can also be an aura that changes the way you see things, making everything a little sweeter. Michael Rivera from Odessa, Texas, grew up in west Texas in Fort Stockton, but moved to Odessa with his family. While his two brothers were more involved in the automotive life, Michael focused on the oil industry.


Used 1997 Ford F350 For Sale Right Now

But towards the end of that time, he saw that the car that was being transported had just started and that everyone in the gas station was carrying cars that were used for work. It was there that he met Eden Gonzalez, who had all the connections for a car and helped him start with his passion. After picking Eden’s brain about what he wanted to do, he was introduced to Cesar Olivas, known as “Tweety” and the owner of Tweety’s Truck and Tire, a shop that handles some of the worst trucks in Texas. With his newfound enthusiasm, Michael asked about his build and the ball got rolling.

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Michael bought a Dodge 3500 welder and upgraded it a bit, but his love for the used car had faded and it was time for something better. Then he went out and bought a new Dodge Mega Cab, but it wasn’t big enough. Finally, he chose a new 2017 Ford pickup and a 1997 Ford F-350 as a two-for-one purchase.

Although he liked the Dodge model, Michael couldn’t resist having the new Ford and OBS models at the same time. The cars, who were 20 years apart, became like brothers and he carefully added parts of the ceremony to each given that they were now special members of his family. But Michael saw something special in OBS and knew it had to do something big.

Michael took the classic Ford to Tweety to add a Rough Country lift that was covered in Lollipop Red and Fox shocks. The construction was not easy by any means, but it looked good to Michael at the time. About seven months later, Michael attended the SEMA Show in Las Vegas where his vision changed. “It was like I was in another world out there,” adds Michael. “It was the best of the best, and I wanted to be a part of it.” When he got home, he didn’t hesitate to make plans to change OBS.

Obs Ford F 350 Platinum Dually Lifted

Because he knew he had to step up his game if he wanted to turn heads at SEMA, Michael contacted RYD MotorSports in Vancouver, BC, because of their reputation for making the best equipment around. The builders at RYD created a 14″ lift in the front and rear, along with a 4-bar arrangement that builds in-house. Some 2008 Super Duty axles were fabricated and three triple shock bags on top of King Shocks with full steering and dual shock absorbers were built and sent to Michael for installation. Tweetys were enlisted to mount the new ride with adjustable height.

When it came time to add some exterior details, Michael chose Bodyguard Bumpers front and rear with Royal Hooks and lights from Outlaw LED. Initially, he chose a brown and gold color scheme and called it Gold$chlager. But then they changed the colors and installed Lozoya Graphics and Painting to dress the entire OBS in Blue Dove which installed new gold bearing hardware. However, Gold$chlager was already what everyone was calling the car so they kept it. The good folks at Hornblasters added a powder coated train horn in Dove Blue and gold to match. To help Michael get in and out of the newly upgraded Ford, AMP power steps were raised and painted to match.

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Michael’s next step was to revive the interior of the vineyard. We all know that the interior is the most used part of any car and where we spend most of the time, so it needs to be upgraded and updated. Michael found a small shop in Dallas and had them add white leather power seats from a 2010 Ford truck and add blue piping, while blue fiberglass accents were added to the doors. Even the seat belts were painted blue to match the new interior color. The rear bench seat was removed and replaced with bucket seats to increase space. A blue carpet was added throughout the room to bring a cohesive look.

After completion, Michael took his newly built Ford classic OBS to the 2018 SEMA show and was able to fulfill his dream of becoming one of the elite. Michael would like to thank his beautiful wife Ashley and their young son Michael Peyton for their support and patience in seeing him achieve his dreams. Special thanks to his two older brothers and his parents for giving him the dedication and strength to keep pushing forward when it seemed impossible. They also send a huge thank you to Eden Gonzalez and Tweety from Tweety’s Tire for always being there to help and build one of the best OBS Fords in the world. It took three cars and a lot of connections to get Michael to Hollywood status, and now “Hollywood Mike” has landed an OBS show. The crew cab old-body-style (OBS)

Ford F 350 With 16.5×14 74 Weld Racing Sidewinder And 38/16.5r16.5 Super Swamper Tsl Bogger And Suspension Lift 8

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