Lifted Silverado Dually

Lifted Silverado Dually – Jake Mitchell Mitchell of Jake’s Custom Diesel was the mastermind behind a 6-door Ford F-450 conversion called Poseidon’s Wrath, which was also one of our previous cover features. And now, he has outdone himself with his latest creation called ‘Iron Max’. As the name suggests, this build started out as a Duramax-powered 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD Dually and was transformed into the custom 6-door stopper that the Oklahoma shop is famous for.

With the Iron Max, Jake wanted a clean and wild truck at the same time; something that could easily be parked alongside some of the best builds at shows, while also being able to take off on the Interstate for impromptu rides. “All of our designs are for guys who like to wake up and drive a pageant queen around town,” he declares, making sure the motto extends to his own personal platforms. The Duramax was chosen because at the time, only a few shops were attempting to build a 6-door Duramax and the fact that their previous notable build was also a Dually. “We like to build a tough, tough Dually,” confesses Jake, adding that he likes how badass it looks.

Lifted Silverado Dually

With more competition now from shops building similar 6 doors, Jake knew it would be more difficult to build something amazing this time around, but he didn’t shy away from the challenge. “The build really allowed us to show off our craftsmanship, engineering and design skills while still providing a pretty enjoyable ride for me!”

Rough Country Lift Kit Chevy Silverado 3500hd 2wd/4wd (20 22) [3

Duramax wears red with gold livery – just like the well-known and beloved Iron Man. “I thought since Iron Man is so over the top with the things he does in the movies, it would go well with my latest build!”

It all started with a call to their good friend Robbie Bryant from Keg Media, who came up with a killer design after Jake told him how he wanted it all to look. From there, it was time to get down to sourcing the products, which was pretty tough for Jake, who knows there are a lot of great parts and accessories on the market these days. “Every build and truck needs certain things in my eyes,” he says. “Adding the right parts and products to the truck is what sets one truck apart from the rest, and I like to use only the biggest and the best!”

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Prepared in just 60 days, but pulled together and assembled in just two weeks, Jake and his team spent several sleepless nights making sure everything was ready for the big debut at last year’s SEMA Show. “As most builders know, when you’re building a truck for a show like SEMA, there’s always a time crunch. This is largely due to the massive amount of product delivered to builders, and it doesn’t help when you’re procrastinating a little too much because you’re trying to get the build perfect.”

And perfect is how Jake describes the finished product. Audiences love him as he always makes sure to let Jake know how much they admire the truck at shows and events. He especially loves it when kids are amazed by the Iron Max, thinking he’s inspired the next generation of custom truck enthusiasts. “Hearing great words from other builders and our friends and people we meet at shows are some of the best things too!” he says. “And I’ve had nothing but the best words from everyone! Of course, there are those who say, “Hey! What did you do that for? My Prius gets better gas mileage!’ and we just wave and smile!”

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By far the most challenging build of his career, Jake is proud of this red and gold beauty and his team that put it together. Their time, effort and dedication to creating a truly iconic truck has set the bar high for Jake’s Custom Diesel moving forward and we can’t wait to see what they create next.

More in this category: « STILL RICH : F-250 Super Duty F7LTHY : 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited » When you are in show business, passion for your art is a basic requirement and you must be dedicated to growing that passion every day. Brothers Dustin and Brandon Naivar know this better than most, because they took their passion for great trucks and talent for creative metalworking and welded the two together to form Showtime Metal Works. The result of their passion, dedication and talent speaks for itself.

Dustin and Brandon grew up around the steel fabrication business because their father was in the trade. Youngsters began spending their childhoods around welders and metal equipment almost as soon as they could walk. In addition to their love of metalworking, the Naivar brothers also developed an interest in 4×4 trucks – the taller the better.

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Building the best lifted trucks became the brothers’ driving mission, and they began preparing and taking their own trucks to shows in their home state of Texas. Eventually, this hobby evolved into a business and they took the leap to open Showtime Metal Works. Now it’s their life’s work to build the best possible trucks for themselves and their customers, every day.

Teal Accented Chevy Dually Looks Able To Deploy A Drive In Movie Theatre Anywhere

Dustin’s latest personal truck is a 2010 Chevy Silverado 3500 DRW 4×4 powered by a Duramax diesel engine. As a dedicated bow tie man, Dustin has built two previous custom trucks for his own use. The first was a 2007 Silverado 1500 4×4 and the second was a 2007 Silverado 2500HD SRW with a Duramax diesel engine. You could say it was a journey to this special destination.

Building the best lifted trucks became the brothers’ driving mission, and they began preparing and taking their own trucks to shows in their home state of Texas.

Dustin’s trusty Duramax draws in through an AEM cold air intake, and then a Garrett 61MM turbo pumps the boost up to a whopping 32 psi. Fuel is fed to the engine by an AirDog 165 fuel pump and air separation setup that provides 165 gallons per minute of fuel flow at a constant 8-10 psi pressure.

This wild Duramax Dually truck looks good and drives even better. The 10-inch lift makes no compromises, and the balanced proportions make this truck stand out in any crowd.

Chevrolet Silverado Single Cab Dually Spy Shots

The exhaust starts with 5″ exhaust pipes, connected to a 5″ Flo~Pro exhaust system. The exhaust exits just ahead of the rear axle via an MBRP exhaust tip with 5- to 8-inch steps.

To maximize power, Dustin selected an EFILive tuner to adjust fuel delivery for a balance between maximum performance and reasonable economy. It also added a DSP5 unit from EFILive to allow it to switch between five user-defined tracks on the fly. All custom tuning was done by Dirty’s House of Diesel right in Dustin’s hometown of Taylor, Texas.

Dustin tells us that power is around 900 pound-feet and 500 horsepower at around 3,700 rpm. To keep this beast of an engine alive, Dustin chose a Fluidyne oil cooler to help keep the temperature down. Dustin swears by Lucas Oil products to keep temperatures down and extend the overall life of every truck he owns.

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Here you can see the front half of the 8-10 inch Rize suspension. It is essential that the shocks are matched to the suspension to keep all that weight under control.

Chevy/gmc 2500/3500 7

The tires of choice are Nitto Trail Grapplers, size 38×13.50R24. They are mounted on Scope 24-inch American Force wheels. It takes six wheels to roll down the road in style on this dual.

All that fantastic engine torque is transferred through the standard Allison 1000 six-speed automatic to the NP263 transfer case. The Allison was upgraded to a deep pan and an external cooler from PPE. The T-case is still stock, and the 2.72:1 low end is just right for Dustin’s needs. Power is sent to the stock rear axle, which has custom Yukon 4:88-1 gearing, a PPE differential cover, and stock LSD. The front axle was also upgraded to Yukon’s 4:88-1 gearing. Power hits the pavement or dirt via six Nitto Trail Grappler tires in 38×13.50R24. They are mounted on Scope 24-inch American Force wheels.

This truck has Rize Industries 10-12″ suspension, Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks, and tubular upper control arms. The rear driveshaft is stock, but the front has been upgraded to a dual CV setup. Additionally, longer, braided stainless steel brake lines ensure that full suspension travel will not drag on the braking system. Rize heavy-duty tie rods and tie rods round out the suspension upgrades.

The Rize 8-10 inch lift works great. The rollout on the kickstands ensures good geometry as well as a smooth and stable ride.

Chevy Silverado Hd Single Cab Dually Spied Fully Undisguised

A heavy duty aluminum rear differential cover from PPE was swapped out for the stock cover. This aftermarket beauty adds oil capacity and helps dissipate heat. You can also see the Fox 2.0 remote reservoir rear shocks and Rize suspension mounts.

Here you can see the tubular upper control arm and Fox 2.0 shock with remote reservoir

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