Obs F350 Dually Lifted

Obs F350 Dually Lifted – Go to Hollywood” is usually a phrase when someone hits the big time. Known for the bright lights and lifestyle, Hollywood is the place for success and fame, but it can also change the way you look at things and make everything better. Michael Rivera is from Odessa, Texas, and grew up on the west side of Texas in Fort Stockton, but joined Odessa with his family. While his two older brothers were interested in engineering, Michael focused on working on an oil rig.


Obs F350 Dually Lifted

But then, he saw that the lifted truck scene was starting, and all the oil platforms had lifted the trucks used for the job. There he met Eden Gonzalez, who had all the connections in the trucking scene and helped him get started on his own road of preparation. After he begins to pick Eden’s brain about what he wants to do, he is introduced to Cesar Olivas, known in the community as “Tweety” and the owner of Tweety’s Truck and Tire, a shop responsible for some of the worst trucks in the Texas area. With his newfound interest, Michael asked about his own creation, and the ball started rolling.

Ford 2wd To 4wd Front Frame Box Kit

Michael bought a Dodge 3500 pickup truck and had a good lift, but his love for the utility truck had faded and it was time for something better. Then he went out and bought a new Dodge Mega Cab, but it still wasn’t great. In the end, he chose a new 2017 Ford pickup and a 1997 Ford F-350 as a two-for-one deal.

Despite his love for the Dodge brand, Michael couldn’t resist the idea of ​​a new Ford body and OBS at the same time. The trucks, 20 years apart, are like siblings, and he carefully adds custom parts to each truck as they are now separate members of his family. But Michael saw something special in OBS and knew it was destined for something greater.

Michael took the classic Ford to Tweety’s to add a Rough Country lift that was powder coated Lollipop Red and Fox shocks. The build wasn’t that difficult, but it seemed like a good idea for Michael at the time. About seven months later, Michael attended the SEMA Show in Las Vegas where his perspective changed. “I was like in a different world there,” Michael said. “It was the best thing ever, and I wanted to be with them.” When he returned home, he wasted no time in making plans to change OBS.

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Knowing he had to step up his game if he wanted to turn heads at SEMA, Michael contacted RYD MotorSports in Vancouver, BC, with their reputation to build some of the rigs. very good. The builders at RYD created a 14″ track for the front and rear, with 4-links that they built in house. Some of the 2008 Super Duty axles were built, and 3.0 triple shock absorbers on King Shocks with high steering and double steering stabilizers were designed and sent to Michael to install. Tweety’s went in to mount a new main track with adjustable heights. arrange.

Used 1996 Ford F 350 For Sale In Dallas, Tx

When it came time to add some exterior accessories, Michael opted for Front and Rear Bumper Guards with Royal Hooks and lights from Outlaw LED. At first, he chose a brown and gold paint scheme and named the design Gold $chlager. But when the colors changed, Lozoya Graphics and Painting dressed the entire OBS in Blue Dove launched the new gold raised sections. However, Gold $chlager is what everyone calls the truck so he keeps it. The good folks at Hornblasters added a set of train horns powder coated in Dove Blue and gold to match. To help Michael get in and out of the newly raised Ford, AMP electric side steps were installed and painted to match.

Michael’s next task was to renovate the winery. We know that the interior is the most used part of any vehicle and the place where we spend most of the time, so it needs to be improved and updated. Michael found a small shop in Dallas and had them add leather power seats from a 2010 Ford truck and add blue piping, while adding blue accents to the door frames. . Even the seat belts were colored blue to match the new interior color scheme. The rear seat was removed and replaced with bucket seats for extra space. Blue carpet was added throughout the entire room to create a cohesive look.

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Finally, Michael will take the newly built OBS classic Ford to the 2018 SEMA show and he will be able to fulfill his dream of being among the elite. Michael would like to thank his beautiful wife Ashley and their young son Michael Peyton for their support and patience in watching him achieve his dream. A big thank you to his two older brothers and his parents for instilling in him the courage and strength to move forward when it seemed impossible. He also gives a big thanks to Eden Gonzalez and Tweety from Tweety’s Tire for always being there to help and build one of the best OBS Fords in the world. It took three trucks and big connections for Michael to reach Hollywood power, and now “Hollywood Mike” has set the bar in the OBS game. This Ford F-350 Centurion Power Stroke 7.3L Inside is as Plush as the outside is BrutalOf course it has a built-in VHS player.

At this point, it’s safe to say you’ve had enough of half-baked limousines. For those out there who want the purest and most polished luxo-barge, there are plenty of options out there. Factory-built, long-wheelbase Maybachs work for most of the one-percent, even if you want to tow a boat with your opulence, the German car leaves more to be desired. That’s why the Ford F-350 Centurion exists—to transport the whole family, and loads of stuff, in private.

By 4 Trucks Allen Tx

It’s not every day that one of these “long hauler” models comes up for sale like this one on Bring a Trailer, because they weren’t built that much. Well, the F-350 leaves the Ford factory and is shipped directly to Centurion, the conversion company known for its original vehicle builds. The truck stretches its four-door layout for plenty of legroom and some goodies thrown in for good measure. This is the 90s, however, and you have to dig deep into your brain to remember how good a square TV was with its own tricked-out VHS player.

The interior, including the chairs and folding bed in the back—oh, yes, it has one—is made from the same material as your grandmother’s living room chair. Fortunately, these don’t emit cigarette smoke, like your grandmother’s armchair.

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The season wouldn’t be complete without some wooden help throughout the house, and luckily, it has that. You can find items on all four doors, including the dashboard, center console, and on the roof of the truck. It’s more of a retro RV than a modern luxury, but that’s okay because old school cool isn’t going anywhere.

Oh, and the exterior has received some changes to help build on the already-fashionable design. Gone are the stock wheels, in place are a set of 22-inch, 10-lug semi-finished wheels polished to a mirror finish. All six are wrapped in road-friendly 285/45 tires for navigating the U.S.A. without the annoying hum of dirt terrain.

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Under the hood is a 7.3-liter Power Stroke V8, considered by many to be Ford’s most reliable diesel engine ever installed in a pickup. Judging by the exterior design, it also includes an ATS intercooler setup that helps maintain temperature and boosts the turbocharger. Once the power was magically created with the help of a powertrain, it reverted to a four-speed automatic transmission that was sent to the rear wheels only—very typical for dual-purpose trucks of this era.

There’s also a 50-gallon auxiliary fuel tank for those long trips from one park to another.

All things considered, the truck looks different. It has covered over 201,000 miles, which may seem like a lot, but it makes sense because the Power Stroke is known for its longevity. The body is in good shape, and underneath, there is a little rust, mainly where the Centurion extends from the body.

The sale ends on Thursday, so be quick if you plan to bid. Let us know if you end up buying it because we have a lot of ideas in mind to make your daily driver a pleasure.

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