Obs Ford Dually Lifted

Obs Ford Dually Lifted – Big White looks great against A&G Automotive Tires and Wheels. The alignment kit got rid of the truck’s original low-front, stinky look, and with new Duralast suspension and steering components under the front (and good wheel alignment), the 25-year-old workhorse has a lot of feel to it. better.

Age affects every vehicle, and the miles only accelerate the aging process. This is certainly how trucks that regularly operate on streets, highways, farms, and anywhere else they can be driven typically operate. Our 1995 The Ford F-350, Big White, is a great example of a machine that experiences both.

Obs Ford Dually Lifted

In 2020 the two-wheel-drive 7.3L with crew cab turns 25 years old, and by the time you read this it will have 170,000 miles on the odometer. It stood the test of time. However, mechanical problems are starting to arise and need to be addressed.

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Taking care of Big White’s aging front suspension is our top priority for this upgrade. Worn ball joints and tie rod ends contribute to faster tread wear on Toyo Open Country H/T tires. Wear on the two I-beam steering components also caused steering vibration and slight pulling. Our two-seater also needs new shocks, brakes, and a couple inches of front end lift to get rid of the “stinky bug” position.

A&G Auto Tire and Wheel Technician Fabian B puts the measuring tape on our 1995. Ford F-350 front before installation of Complete Performance 2″ leveling kit. Tape History: 35 inches to the center of the front wheel well.

Unfortunately, due to their age, it is not easy to find all the right steering and suspension parts for Old Body Type (OBS) Ford pickups at Ford dealerships. We sourced the ball joints, tow link, tie rod ends, and brake components from Auto Zone and chose the top-of-the-line Duralast Gold Series front hardware because they are of equal or better quality. than OEM parts.

To lift/flatten Big White’s front end to get rid of the stretched position, we turned to Complete Performance Products in Jasper, Texas. There are many alignment kits available for four wheel drive Super Duty units, but CP Addict makes the only one we know of exclusively for the 80 through 1997 models. OBS for bicycle trucks.

Beautiful Ford F350 Dually 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel Zf5 Manual.

The leveling kit consists of a pair of special blanks and aluminum shims that are slipped under the springs and raise the front suspension by 2 inches. “We developed these spring spacers to smooth out the aging 8-90s.” trucks with front ends sagging due to the weight of diesel engines (Ford Power Strokes, Cummins conversions, and the like), says a contributor to CP Addict. owner Chris Rutledge. “We decided they needed to be durable and long-lasting, just like the trucks, so they’re made from solid billet aluminum to prevent premature failure.”

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After a few years, corrosion sets in, making it difficult to loosen the steering linkage hardware unless it is heavily coated with penetrating grease. It looks like Big White’s drag link hasn’t been touched in at least a decade.

With the springs out, it’s time to replace the truck’s worn twin-tube hydraulic shocks with Bilstein monotube, gas-pressure shocks. CP Addict’s recommended and affordable Bilsteins are the best replacement shocks for OBS trucks and the high pressure gas in them will prevent the fluid from aerating which reduces shock control. These high-quality shock absorbers will help the Big White ride smoother and reduce tire wear.

A&G Automotive Tires and Wheels in Reseda, CA are experts at handling trucks like the Big White. It didn’t take long for technician Fabian B to tear the front end apart and replace the old parts with Duralast and CP Addict upgrades.

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One of the wear items that cause the steering wheel to loosen up a bit is the tie rod ends. This definitely shows the effect of both age and miles.

Brake rotors, calipers, pads, tow link, tie rod ends, spring spacers, shock absorbers, and new caster bushings were installed dutifully and expertly. We then took our bike to the alignment stand to have the front end aligned to factory specs, something that hadn’t been done in years.

Once the work was done, we went outside to see how Big White reacted to the updates. Ride and handling are significantly better. Steering wheel vibrations are gone. There is no drag, it rolls perfectly stable over potholes and crosses expansion joints and potholes with far less cracking than before the mods.

We are very happy with this stage of the truck’s revival and we really like the even position. As far as cosmetics go, just to give you an idea of ​​what’s to come, the body will be wrapped. So we don’t know if we can call him the Great White. (The wrap scheme is currently being conceptualized by Mike Smith of Raceskinz).

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The old Weld wheels and Toyo Open Country H/T tires will drop and be replaced by Mayhem Monstir (dual type) wheels and Toyo’s latest Open Country H/T II tire. We do a lot of daily driving and trailering with the Big White, so the H/T tire has worked well for us.

Magazine’s Facebook page and visit trucktrend.com for upcoming milestones in the revival of our OBS rig. We feel that the upgrades and modifications we perform are just right for a 25-year-old pickup truck.

The OBS Two Wheel Drive F-350 Alignment Kit from CP Addict is simple yet durable. 2 inch spacers made from billet aluminum are designed to sit on each spring perch for lift. This kit is a great cure for front spring wobbles on classic Ford machines.

Fabian removes the shocks and disconnects the steering components so our F-350’s front suspension can be lowered enough to slide the shims under the springs.

My Obs 1997 Ford Powerstroke 7.3, I Just Did The Lift And Tires A Few Days Ago. Looks Pretty Good For Being A 205k Mile Midwest Truck.

It also replaces the tired OEM-type twin-tube hydraulic shocks with Bilstein high-pressure monotube shocks. The new gas shocks provide much better spring control, giving the Big White a smoother ride and reducing tire wear.

Removing the upper and lower ball joints requires a pneumatic impact hammer to drive them off the shafts. The looseness of the ball joints makes it look like the Big White has never been replaced, which is probably the main cause of the steering wheel vibration we feel and the source of the odd “thump” when hitting potholes.

We like the fact that the Duralast Gold Series ball joints can be lubricated, giving you more control over the maintenance aspect of keeping your OBS Ford front suspension in top shape.

New upper and lower ball joints should easily last another decade and help the Big White steering feel and work again. A new steering box is on our “upgrades” list below.

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We replaced the front hub assemblies and wheel studs and rotors. This way, we know that everything that happens from the wheels is new and without problems.

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Due to the deep grooves in the old rotors, they need to be replaced. At AutoZone, we chose the Duralast Gold Series rotors, which are OEM quality (and official NASCAR brakes).

Instead of removing the 25 year old pull link and installing new tie rod ends and adjuster bushing, Fabian removes it and installs a new assembly using Duralast Gold tie rod ends. The old tie ends are worn and the boots are cracked with age.

The limited lifetime warranty on the Duralast Gold tie rod ends means that while they should be trouble-free for another couple of decades with the Big White front end, the company supports replacing them in the event of premature failure (not related to normal wear and tear). . Zerk fittings also make it easy to keep them well lubricated.

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All that remains is to slip on the tires and wheels. With new brakes, ball joints and steering linkages, the Big White should be much more comfortable to ride on long trips. No wandering. No pulling. No steering wheel vibration. Faster stops. Everything’s alright.

Fabian measures the height of the front wheel well again after everything is bolted down. The bar length is 38 inches, a 3-inch increase over stock. An inch more than we expected from a “2” CP Addict two-wheel drive alignment kit, but it actually fits the Big White perfectly. Known for its bright lights and lavish lifestyle, Hollywood is the mecca of success and fame, but it can also be an aura that changes the way you look at things and makes things a little sweeter. Michael Rivera, from Odessa, Texas, grew up on the western edge of Texas in Fort Stockton, but moved to Odessa with his family. While his two older brothers were active in the automotive industry, Michael focused on working on an oil rig.


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