Rent A Cargo Van To Move Out Of State

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Rent A Cargo Van To Move Out Of State

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration periodically evaluates vehicles for safety standards. Based on our latest review, this vehicle was rated as a 5-star vehicle. Please note that these ratings are subject to change and reflect our final review.

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Looking for a bigger truck than the rental car pickup truck fleet offers? Schedule a great moving truck rental with Budget Trucks. Choose from three sizes—12-foot, 16-foot, and 26-foot trucks—so you can move an entire apartment, an entire house, or an entire office in one trip.

Since Budget Trucks has locations across the country, you can find a location near you and near your destination. Reserve a one-way moving truck rental if you find a new home in a new city or rent locally if you’re upgrading or downsizing your living space in the same area. After all, affordable prices are built in when you rent a moving truck with Budget Trucks.

If a moving truck is a little too big for your needs, rent an inexpensive compact cargo van, even from Budget Trucks. Enjoy 443 cubic feet of cargo space – enough room for some furniture, party decorations, or boxes full of donations for your local thrift store.

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Like moving trucks, cargo vans can be reserved as a one-way rental or driven around town and returned to the same location. Many people also prefer cargo vans to driving trucks because their compact size makes them easy to drive. Book a cargo van rental from Budget Trucks today. From small to large vans, we’ve got you covered whether you need a van for a home improvement project or move, or for commercial use, our fleet is available daily, weekly and monthly. rent We have great value vans available when and where you need them.

Absolute Clean Promise We promise to go above and beyond our already rigorous cleaning protocols with strict cleaning procedures to protect everyone’s health and safety.

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The practical and robust Citroen has a maximum payload of 885kg, making it an excellent compact choice for small business and personal use.

This is a tough van that is built to withstand some tough treatment. Perfect for transporting trade equipment or landscaping equipment with a full height bulkhead.

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Practical, robust and affordable, the Renault Master marks a new breed of capable and adaptable modern vans. A great choice for flat moves, sports equipment shipping, deliveries and more.

The ultimate in van comfort, power and style. If you have a big trip, a big job, or a big move in the books, this is the van for you.

This flexible van with a box body offers space and comfort. There is also the option of a lifting platform to make loading heavy items even easier.

Our well-maintained vehicles are subject to a preventive maintenance program and must pass a thorough inspection before they can be rented. Plus, we’re here 24/7 with roadside assistance.

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Bright and early in the morning of January 7th, 2016, Travis and I set off on a much anticipated international expedition. Driving a mid-sized moving van, we left the compact snow and frigid temperatures of central Germany for the warmer climes of Switzerland’s rolling pre-Alps. Our mission? To reclaim most of our worldly possessions – plus a stray cat. Finally, we are officially moving from Switzerland to Germany.

When we left Switzerland on November 1st, we had no idea what would be in store for us in terms of accommodation in Göttingen; We certainly didn’t think it would take us two months to find an apartment and once we did, we would have to put the kitchen in before it was habitable. We hadn’t planned for such a long house-hunt in Germany when we left Briscoe with Onnens’ friend Simon and stored our belongings with him in October. With most of our things stashed away at her place and our bed and pile of boxes stored with other friends since July, it was time to “close up shop” back in Switzerland.

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Our search for a favorite moving truck that we previously rented in the US quickly yielded disappointing results. Since we always have to pack and load our own things, drive the rental truck ourselves, and rent a bigger truck—usually a 26-footer (8 meters), Penske is our company of choice in the States. We moved 1600+/- miles (2500 km) from Bellingham, Washington to Los Alamos, New Mexico in 2006 (about the same distance as Zurich, Switzerland to Moscow, Russia) They offered the best price.

Busch 52418 Ford Transit Custom, Autoverm. Europcar: Toys & Games

When we moved back to Oregon a year later, they were the only company we found that had the right towing package for my ridiculously low-carriage Mazda Miata. Also, they undercharged us for the big truck because they needed to ship it back to the Northwest.

During our move from Los Alamos, New Mexico to Eugene, Oregon in 2007, we rented a Penske with a trailer to tow our car.

Then in 2008, a friend from Oregon moved to New Mexico and asked if we could help her; She offered to send us home to Oregon if we were willing to drive the Penske for them. It was like we won a free vacation. We can’t say no to a road trip with friends.

The fact that Travis took out a huge billboard with a truck somewhere near Tucson and the rental truck broke down, leaving us stranded outside of LA in the middle of the night for several hours, made it the most memorable running experience ever.

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The offer to help any of our friends move still stands, especially if you’re moving somewhere foreign!

Penske sends a new running truck with guys to transfer our friends stuff after the truck broke down near LA in 2008. We get a free night in a nice hotel. Not bad!

Since Penske doesn’t operate in Europe, we found several other companies that offer transfer services, quickly whittling down the list to exclude companies that offer all-inclusive services, are limited to local rentals only, and have extremely high price quotes. Most companies didn’t offer high-capacity trucks, capping out with big box vans, and none offered one-way rentals. We were disappointed that the round-trip fare was less affordable – a waste of gas to drive an empty truck from Germany to Switzerland – but in the end, we couldn’t find an alternative.

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Narrowing it down to two companies, Sixt and Enterprise, we stopped both for speculation. Sixt quoted us a price of around €600 for a 4-day rental (excluding fuel). For a vehicle of the same size, a 4-metre Ford van, the Enterprise is offering us less than half that price, handily beating their estimates.

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Reserving it for 7, we picked it up shortly after 9am as scheduled, then had to drive a moving van to drop off our car and drive our car back to our apartment because we couldn’t leave our car at their place. After another short stop at MPI for a latte for the road, we finally hit the A7 towards Switzerland, our dog Touille comfortably sandwiched between us on the seat.

Muddy roads, then rain, then several stops for diesel, coffee to stay awake, and Touille to stretch his legs, our 7 hour trip was close to 9.

It was a great relief when Onnens arrived at our old flat, but our arrival was bittersweet. Although we had found new tenants for our old flat when we left in November, it still felt like we were returning.

The place But it wasn’t. We also left our bed frame, bookshelves, and large clothing armoire for the new tenants to use, so it was doubly weird to realize it was no longer ours. And even though we knew Carlos and Nicole, our friends in the apartment next door, had moved across town after we left, it was surprising to realize that someone new was living there too.

M³ Ford Transit Long Wheel Base Commercial Cargo Van

“! She offered us to stay with her while we were in Switzerland, and as we had every past dinner, movie, and late night coffee.

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