Silverado 3500 Dually Lifted

Silverado 3500 Dually Lifted – The Wicked Suspension 10 inch lift is designed to work, play and ride in comfort. This system was designed for easy installation with minimal modifications which results in long term satisfaction and reliability. Our rack is properly lowered for great angles, great ride quality and looks This system isn’t your usual kit in the middle of the mall, the front crossmember adorns our larger “W” emblem, which makes a statement at every time he is seen. There’s no suspension lift like this Wicked suspension for the HD Chevy/GMC platform, constructed from 1/4″ American steel plate in every part, fully welded and bellows there where it matters most, not just where you can see it best, we leave NO STONES UNTURNED The front track width is NOT increased by installing the lift. rear wheels will protrude from each other proportionally.This kit is for those looking for the highest quality, awesome handling and long lasting results, all Wicked suspension systems are manufactured at our factory in Naples, Florida Wicked MFG proudly uses USA sourced materials such as steel and aluminum Our GMHD system is 100% complete with no upgrades other than cosmetic or shocking choices, rest assured you are purchasing a system that will give you excellent r results, proudly built in Florida, USA.

10″ SYSTEM COMPONENTS Subframe cross members Upper control arms Knuckles/knuckles Extreme duty outboard tie rod ends Forged torsion pins Front differential drop brackets Front sway bar relocation brackets Sway bar end links front and u-bolt 2.0″ Wicked shocks Rear ABS case relocation brackets Rear drawbar system Shipping Shipping is $300 for US customers, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska incur additional charges. Please call if you are interested in purchasing this system and are from one of the 3 states. Choice of Goliath Goliath Styles with Trident Megalodon Shield Plating **See these styles by going to the last image by clicking on the image to the left**

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Silverado 3500 Dually Lifted

FAQ: Q: How is the system coated? A: It is not, it is bare steel for your powder coating/painting pleasure. Most people coat these unique systems to their liking. Q: Do you apply powder coating? A: We do not powder in house, but we do offer it as an option at an additional cost, it depends on what color you want. We use prismatic powder coatings, as well as many other options. If you want to match or use a certain color, we can help. Q: Does this system work on a 3500 or double? A: YES, 3500 non dual has different u-bolt, and the only unique thing about dual is the long bed and bigger sheet pack, we completely built this kit for SRW and DRW trucks. Choose the 3500 option below and the long bed option if you have a long bed! Q: Do you offer a front coilover option? A: It’s been popular lately, but we don’t offer it for the GMHD, we think the quality and reliability of your factory ride is great as is, and we don’t want to change that in any way, your ride quality and reliability are important to us. Q: Do you offer different shock absorber options? A: Yes, we offer FOX and KING for your shock needs as options below. FOX IFP: FOX 2.0″ Reservoir Free Shock, Great Ride, Quality Shock. FOX Reservoir: FOX 2.0″ Reservoir Shock, Front Shocks Come Mounted Above The Shock Tower And ( 4) Billet clamps for all tank mounting shocks. KING: Please contact us for current wait times on KING shocks.

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Epic Off Road Tuning And Serious Body Lift For Chevy Silverado — Gallery

A: Each kit is handcrafted in our factory, there is no rushed perfection, it takes time to assemble and weld the world’s greatest suspension lifts. Our suspension systems have a 6-12 week lead time from date of order, whether or not including powder coating.

Wicked Manufacturing LLC is a small family business started by Jordan and Brittany Tadysak, based in Naples, Florida, USA. Wicked Manufacturing was established in January 2016 by Jordan and Brittany Tadysak as a sister company to the successful Wicked Customs LLC. Wicked Manufacturing is committed to making the highest quality truck accessories and solution parts in this industry. Our core values ​​are etched into the foundation on which this business is built, Honor, Pride, Commitment, Service and Integrity, we put our customers and their safety first, providing well-engineered, over-built products with no cost spared nor unturned stone. When you buy from Wicked Manufacturing you are part of a family, a family that started an industry revolution against counterfeits, overseas manufacturing and poorly designed products, your support and every purchase is truly appreciated. .

Every part made by Wicked Manufacturing has a “W” engraved on it, the “W” means more than just Wicked, it means you chose the right accessory on your truck, it means you did it right, it means that you believe in small manufacturing. company from South Florida, USA and their core values. Slammed 2020 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD is far from a work truck This is not your normal Chevy truck.

If you’re here to see a Chevy Silverado 3500 HD with a hulking lift kit, you better look away now. This unique Chevy Silverado 3500 HD was slammed by Jake of Phat Phabz located in Choctaw, Oklahoma who needed a work truck with unique styling. This slammed Chevy Silverado 3500 HD might look quite stylish, but it’s actually the main work truck in the shop using it to tow and haul materials and trailers for the shop.

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Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Hd Crew Cab Specs & Photos

Although Jakes Chevy Silverado 3500 HD doesn’t look like a normal truck, it still does exactly what it was supposed to do, just much lower to the ground. Using a massive airbag suspension system at each corner, the Chevy Silverado 3500 HD can raise and lower between three ride heights depending on the use case. To power those huge airbags, there are two five-gallon air tanks on board.

This build was not a simple suspension swap. It took Jake and his team four months to complete the build which required a complete disassembly of the truck. Jake’s Chevy Silverado 3500 HD rides on a custom chassis and boasts custom bodywork to match the truck’s insane adjustability. It also looks good in the process of maintaining the stock truck’s wide stance.

The 9.0 inch airbags used in each corner of this Chevy Silverado 3500 HD have some very unique benefits. Today, most modern semi-trailers use air suspension technology to keep loads secure during long trips. This means that Jake’s Chevy Silverado 3500 HD rides better than factory while offering that unique height adjustment while still being able to haul heavy loads. It’s what we call a win-win and part of the reason this build is so special.