Silverado Reaper 2020 Lifted Trucks

Silverado Reaper 2020 Lifted Trucks – The F-150 Raptor has been one of the biggest product launches in Ford’s current truck lineup, so it’s no surprise that other companies are following Ford’s lead — eventually, at least. The final step in re-creating the beautiful and functional Ford Raptor is the new South Comfort Automotive REAPER pack for the Chevrolet Silverado. Developed with the help of Lingenfelter under the hood, the Harvester brings a new look inside, LED lights in the foglamps, a new shock with a lift of 3 inches, and a few other changes. The supertruck offroad segment is bursting with interest. Almost all Silverado Z71 buyers will like a lot of this. To that end, SCA is now a partner with GM and will sell products from Chevrolet and GMC dealerships. Prices are probably steep, and a few here can’t be done by a crafty DIY owner – but for those with more money than time to invest, the REAPER pack is an easy way to intimidate even the Raptors and TRD Pro Tundras on the line. inside

DECATUR, Ind. Together with Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and Southern Comfort Automotive, the unique truck offers drivers enhanced muscle tone, eye-catching off-road performance and enhanced on-road performance. Interested Chevy fans can learn more about the Reaper Ultimate and find participating GM dealers by visiting Mike Copeland, vice president of operations, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, said: “The Harvester blends Lingenfelter’s renowned performance engine and suspension know-how with Southern Comfort Automotive’s manufacturing expertise for a unique and fun vehicle.” Matt McSweeney, president, Southern Automotive, adds that the combination of engine performance and off-road capability offered by the Harvester is appealing to many customers. “This car has already created a lot of excitement for the business. Our General Motors dealers are looking to increase the number of harvesters available because this custom truck is so large. ” The modified Chevy Silverado comes in red, white, gray and black with a long list of standard features that include a three-inch lift, high-travel suspension, Fox Racing suspension, 20-specification Harvester wheels mounted on General Grabber LT tires and a Lingenfelter performance system. The shape of the Harvester has been enhanced with a product assembly and grill assembly, front bumper, upper body fender flares, wheel-mounted guards and removable steps and the exterior logos of the Harvester. Special lighting includes LED driving lights, front fender marker lights and a comprehensive high beam light system. The interior is decorated with decorative headliners, door panels, a package of gauges and a pension that helps with flood lights and equipment upgrades. Available upgrades include a Magnuson TSV1900 Enhanced 5.3L or 6.2L engine displacement, 17-inch off-road wheels with universal pins, a full graphics package and matte paint finish. The 2014 Chevy Silverado Harvester carries a three-year 36,000,000 warranty on Lingenfelter* and Southern Comfort Automotive parts replacement. About Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Since 1973, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has built an unparalleled legacy of bringing incredible new capabilities to the world’s most sought-after sports cars. This legendary story of complete engineering continues today, as Lingenfelter’s specialist product group focuses on excellence in engine components, superchargers and a wide range of performance products that improve power, speed and control. For more information, visit, contact Lingenfelter Performance Engineering at 1557 Winchester Road, Decatur, MU 46733, or call 260.724.2552. About Southern Comfort Automotive Southern Comfort Automotive has been a leading name in lifestyle concepts that has enhanced the quality of luxury automobiles worldwide for over 35 years. A unique fashion offering combined with the company’s high performance and world-class design, unmatched quality and innovative solutions. The creature comforts inspired the highest standards compared to all other vehicles tested. For more information, visit www.ins or call 205.655.1063. Work harder. Play hard. They live well… in the south.

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Silverado Reaper 2020 Lifted Trucks

He holds a JBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Tom currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his two amazing dogs, Drake and Tank. If you’re looking for a factory-backed off-road truck with upgrades and other upgrades, you can go out right now and buy a new Chevy Silverado 1500 Trail Boss or GMC Sierra 1500 AT4. Most people will find these trucks offer plenty of capacity, but for those who want more there are options.

Chevy Silverado Signature Edition By Sherrod

One of the easiest ways to add extra terrain to your new pickup is to choose a Black Widow kit from SCA Performance. The company sells ready-made trucks and upgrade kits that have been installed at many Chevrolet and GMC dealerships across the country.

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The list of upgrades is impressive, and includes parts for the truck’s suspension system, wheels and tires, exhaust, and appearance. While the powertrain is left untouched, the exhaust and suspension systems receive significant improvements. The standard kit comes with a suspension lift and Fox Shocks, along with a custom-built black widow spirit and deep sound boards.

On the inside, the new truck gets a new paint job on the front and interior touches. SCA can upgrade the truck to premium leather upholstery and other options at an additional cost. The rest of the interior is stock, so the truck’s factory options are available. A local dealer has a 2021 Black Widow Silverado listing. It’s an upgraded RST model with SCA leather upholstery, but it also carries a factory sunroof and Bose Premium Stereo from the factory. All that, and the truck retains a three-year/36,000-mile warranty.

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How much is the total amount? It’s a little bit better, as it turns out. The Silverado 1500 RST with the Black Widow package and additional options adds up to a price tag of around $80,000,000 before dealer and dealer deals are implemented. The SCA conversion added $21,845 to the price of the truck, but it’s important to remember that you can’t build a truck of the same size for the same amount of money. On top of that, there’s a good chance that doing the work yourself through the last line will void your warranty.

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