Silverado Reaper For Sale Pickup Trucks

Silverado Reaper For Sale Pickup Trucks – When one thinks of the biggest rivalries, Red Sox-Yankees or Packers-Vikings come to mind (Patriots and all that), but that’s small potatoes compared to the division between the majors. of Ford and Chevy. Each owner is very loyal to their brand and happy to talk trash about other products.

In 2014, when this Chevy Reaper was built, the Ford Raptor was temporarily discontinued, so Chevy had an opening to tweak Ford, and they took it. Enter the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Reaper. Although in 2017 you can get it off the shelf, in 2014 the Reaper is a modified Silverado 1500 that was a collaboration between GM, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and Southern Comfort custom builder, SCA Performance or

Silverado Reaper For Sale Pickup Trucks

Lingenfelter has long been known for big horsepower, and their Reaper now has a Magnuson supercharger to pack the Silverado’s 6.2-liter V8, boosting output to 550 horses. Built by John Lingenfelter and run by his son Ken, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has been building supercars for over 43 years and seems to have anything and everything you need to get all the ponies out of it. on your machine. GM contacting them is a no-brainer as the two companies have a long history of working together.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 With 20×12 44 Brute Reaper And 305/50r20 Nitto Nt420v And Leveling Kit

SCA Performance, of Trussville, AL, has been building off-road trucks since 1979, and it doesn’t stop at Chevy. They build just about anything you want, including Dodge trucks, Jeeps and yes, even Fords. When you go to their website, you see a guy with his dogs out in a pickup, getting ready to hunt. These guys know what it takes to get around the hills south of the Mason-Dixon in style and comfort, but when it comes to the suspension, the owner calls out to the Baja Kits outdoor racing store By Brenthel.

The truck was delivered to Baja Kits of Anaheim, CA. that’s where most of the upgrades are. The guys disassembled the truck and then went to work on the suspension. Baja Kits added their 4WD Long Range Race Kit, along with their custom built 4WD poles. Brenthel’s King, and therefore Baja Kits, was a surprise choice, so a pair of King Shocks, one 3.0 Coil-Over and one 3.0 Bypass, were used on each side, with a King Air Bump to complete it. in that great blow.

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Baja Kits’ Rear Cantilever Shock System trick manages the Currie Enterprises running rear. It uses a pair of King 3.0 triple Bypass shocks and King Air Bumps, along with Deaver leaf spring kits. The result is that the Chevy can now use all Lingenfelter electronics off-road.

Putting that power to the ground is done with 17-inch Method Race Wheels NV’s fitted with 37-inch Falken Wild Peak M/T tires.

Yitamotor® 2014 2018 Chevy Silverado Gmc Sierra 1500 Powered Heated Extendable Tow Mirrors

The place for the 37’s is the Fiberwerx front and sidewalls. It adds 5.5-inches of wheel space over the stock and also uses the Fiberwerx Bumper Valance upgrade. When the glass is worn, a beautiful Satin Black surface is used.

The rear bumper uses an ADD Dimple R, and D-Series Rigid lights are fitted inside. Speaking of Rigid Industries, a 40-inch E-series LED headlight stretches across the top of the window to light the way.

The bed now includes a Vehicle Storage System. Aside from the generous 48-inch mattress that holds a bunch of stuff, one of the best things about it is that it covers the entire sleeping area. It’s also hard to top 2000lbs, so there’s a bit of a trade-off between storage and power.

There are many good things about the lake, too. The seats are bone stock, but the seats are well-bolstered, but the interior is like a 2014 Chevy truck. The comfort level is high, if the road is not strong.

Chevrolet Pickup Trucks For Sale Near Detroit, Mi

When the owner of this Reaper, Tom Benavides, goes for a ride, he knows his Chevy has the power, the suspension and the ability to cut through anything the road throws at it.DECATÚR, Ind. – The Reaper™ , an off-road performance version of the 2014 Chevy Silverado pickup, is now available at General Motors dealerships nationwide. Developed by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and Southern Comfort Automotive, the unique pickup truck offers drivers improved ruggedness, street style and enhanced off-road performance.

Chevy enthusiasts can learn more about the limited edition Reaper and find participating GM dealers by visiting

‘The Reaper combines Lingenfelter’s renowned engineering and suspension expertise with Southern Comfort Automotive’s custom styling expertise for a truly unique and exciting vehicle,’ said Mike Copeland, vice president of operations, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.

Matt McSweeney, president, Southern Comfort Automotive, says the combination of engineering and off-road capability offered by the Reaper is attracting buyers. ‘This vehicle is creating a lot of excitement on the consumer scene. Our General Motors dealers are looking to increase the number of Pickups they have because this custom truck is so affordable.’

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Chevy Silverado Rst Gets An $18,000 Spider Makeover, Costs $71k

The modified Chevy Silverado comes in red, white, gray and black with a long list of standard features including a three-inch lift, long-travel off-road, Fox shocks Racing, 20-inch custom Reaper wheels mounted on General Grabber LT tires and a Lingenfelter exhaust system.

The Reaper’s appearance has been enhanced with custom styling and a grill assembly, high-slotted front bumper, body-wide fender flares, wheel-to-wheel rocker guards and removable side steps with a high profile. Outer Reaper. Custom lighting includes integrated LED driving lights, front side indicator lights and an exterior floodlight system.

The interior is enhanced with sculpted headrests, door panel accents, a gauge cluster and auxiliary switch panel for floodlights and other upgrades.

Available upgrades include the optional Magnuson TSV1900 Supercharged 5.3L or 6.2L engine, 17-inch lock-out wheels with a General tire package, bold Reaper graphics and frosted matte paint.

Gm, Ford Halt Some Production As Chip Shortage Worsens

The 2014 Chevy Silverado Reaper edition comes with a three-year 36,000-mile warranty on Lingenfelter* upgrades and refurbished parts by Southern Comfort Automotive.

About Lingenfelter Performance EngineeringSince 1973, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has built a legacy of bringing new capabilities to the world’s most sought-after sports cars. This legendary track record for precision engineering continues today, as the highly experienced Lingenfelter product group pursues excellence in engine kits, engines and aftermarket parts. to refine power, speed and control. For more information, visit, contact Lingenfelter Performance Engineering at 1557 Winchester Road, Decatur, IN 46733, or call 260.724.2552.

Exclusive vehicle manufacturer Southern Comfort Automotive has been the number one brand name in the minds of luxury car enthusiasts around the world for more than 35 years. Its unique luxury offerings combined with the company’s focus on world-class design, unmatched quality and innovative styling solutions have inspired the highest standards by which all custom vehicles are measured. For more information, visit or call 205.655.1063. Work harder. Play harder. Better living …in the comfort of the south.

It started with a simple idea – some car chassis fitted with handmade beds to help transport materials in a growing car factory. Before long, millions of Chevrolet pickups were woven into the fabric of the growing country. Chevy trucks performed the most difficult tasks on farms and fields, hauled equipment and lumber to growing cities, and transported families and friends into the wild for a good income. ….

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