Single Cab Dodge Dually Lifted

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Second Drive 2019 Ram 3500 Regular Cab Big Horn Review | No B.S. No, just this truck is a butcher among the Swiss Army knives.

Single Cab Dodge Dually Lifted

The new Ram HD truck series combines high performance with excellent interior environment and technological features from its 1500 series trucks. A large number of options, rugged design and solid rail options make this car a winner.

Dodge Ram 3500 Single Cab Dually (1994 2001)

While luxury trucks of all sizes from all manufacturers are gaining in popularity, they are especially popular in the heavyweight segment where they haul toys that are worth more than the trucks themselves. Further. Want proof? The GMC Sierra HD sold in volume is definitely the most expensive version of it: the leather-wrapped Denali and the full-length chopsticks. Convenience. But those who buy the Ram 3500 4×4 Big Horn Regular Cab 2019 will say they do not care about the scandal. This is a special device for traction and especially traction – even more special than the Ram 2500 HD, which was also improved for 2019. It has a normal cabin with three seats and no rear seats. It has the longest bed available at 8 feet with the heaviest load. Standard 6.4-liter 410 horsepower Hemi V8 It can carry up to 17,490 pounds.

The 3500 is also the only Ram Pickup without a coil spring rear suspension. The five-link installation with gears in the 1500 and 2500 is more robust for the respective sections, while providing a better ride and handling to get started, but once you get into the 3500 territory, the old leaf spring remains. Required (automatic level, rear air suspension still using leaves is optional, but our car is not equipped like that).

Remember this when you choose a truck from 2500 to 3500 because if you do not need the extra capacity of 3500 (more on that later) you will suffer when the bed is not loaded or the tongue does not stick. t attached to something funny. The ride is really shocking, hitting over a bump and driving you from your seat into the shoulder straps. 2500 is even more amazing. But of course, anyone who has ever driven a “1 ton” pickup truck will find such a compelling comment. “No kidding,” they likely said, “tell us something we do not know.”

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Well, it may not be that the ride dropped so much when I loaded it with a small amount of weight. The 500-pound floor I dropped on the bed was definitely a light lift for the 4,660-pound truck, but I could not drop the river rock into the truck I was testing. I also have nothing 17 17,000 to drag. I’m sorry.

Ram 3500 Hd Regular Cab Big Horn Review

Nevertheless, the point of getting the heaviest duty normal cabin get still to be made. If you have a lot of different vehicles or need something to keep on the farm for work purposes only, this is definitely the type of vehicle to keep on hand. It is absurd and ready for anything, but you will not use it for anything other than a definite task. It was a butcher’s knife, not a Swiss army knife. Drag the Challenger? Grab Ram. Need to clear the Washugal River of rocks? Grab Ram. Have to drive into the city with the children to see.

There is a sincerity of purpose to this that I admire that goes beyond its style and capabilities. However, this is also the Big Horn, which is higher than the two trim levels available as a Regular Cab (the other is the bare bone Tradesman). You can not get Laramie, Longhorn or Limited in this body style. Starting at $ 43,590, the Big Horn includes a rear view camera, 5-inch touchscreen, dual USB ports (normal and USB-C), a single USB charging port, six sound systems and a gray diesel hood. Furniture found on our test car. For a truck dedicated to that hypothesis, that is more than enough.

However, this particular truck has valuable options, most of which fall into the functional category. There is a 5th Wheel / Gooseneck wheelchair ($ 445), a sliding box ($ 95), a mattress ($ 565), a black tube side ladder that even the tallest would consider ($ 395), LED beds ($ 165) and a Premium Lighting Group (995). USD) which changes the head, tail and lights for the LEDs. Even the ingenious Level 2 equipment set for $ 4,195 includes useful items such as: wet alloy wheels, foldable wheels, remote ignition, parking sensors, driver’s seat There is an eight-way power adjustable power supply. Pedals (unlike the 1500’s heavy-duty RAM without a magnifying glass steering wheel) and then a few things you won’t regret on the plane: heated leather seats, heated leather steering wheel 8.4- Uconnect touch screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Of course, only our truck sports package ($ 895) can be considered absurd.

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The big total is $ 52, 135 which is actually less than the Ram 1500 4×2 Big Horn Crew Cab I just had. That can put three people in the back seat, its palate. This can pull the rhino on the bed.

Ram 3500 Trim Levels Explained In Greenville, Tx

Which brings me back to the load, which is exactly why you want to choose the Ram 3500 rather than the 2500. You see, the 2500 actually has a slightly larger towing capacity -, 17,210 for a 4×4 Regular Cab with a 6.4-liter Hemi compared to the 17,130 in the 3500 comparatively. This is due to the low blocking weight of 2500. Payload is a different story, as this special 3500 has a capacity of 4,660 pounds, mentioned above, compared to the 2500 that can handle only 3,680. A thousand pounds makes

The difference (and for $ 1,295, two options of the 3500 can add it to the real 7 7,280).

So if most of your work involves towing and not wanting to spend extra on a turbodiesel, you should definitely stick with the 2500. However, you will definitely pay extra for the 3500 then get your seat Ram has some horsepower (and torque) for you. For $ 9,100, the 6.7-liter Cummins inline-six produces 370 hp and 850 lb-ft of torque. Priced at $ 11,795, the high-output 6.7-liter produces 400 hp and 1,000 pound-feet. Yes, total four-digit torque.

. With that, the 3500 Regular Cab 4×4 with one rear wheel can tow 22,220 pounds. Pick two and you get 34, 690 pounds or seven rhinos

Ram 3500 Dually On 37’s!

Overall: If heavy load is a priority, any 3500 is higher than 2500. If traction is a priority, it is more complicated. You can get diesel with this body configuration. You can get double with any machine. Or if your needs are more manageable and you want a smoother ride, the 2500 comes with the same 6.4-liter Hemi V8 as ours. It has 410 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque, which seems weak compared to the monsters out there, but do not worry, it has a lot of power. Sounds the same in an old school, complaining about how the V8 made things better, in fact there was less cabin between you and the chimney.

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That’s one more advantage of a regular cabin, but there is another: it is smaller, so it is easier to park and move in tight spaces. At 232 inches, the regular cabin and its 8-foot box are 6 inches shorter than the 6-inch, 4-inch and 2.4-inch Crew Cab.

Shorter than the Crew Cab with an 8-foot box. The Hack 3500 is actually shorter than the Ram 1500 Crew Cab, regardless of bed length.

Of course, the facts and figures around this story can go on forever, but that’s the point. Unlike other types of vehicles, heavy trucks are purchased for specific reasons that require a certain set of capabilities. And somewhere the truck buyer will know exactly what he needs, he will carefully study the specific spreadsheets and come to the conclusion that those requirements are perfectly aligned with the 3500 Regular Cab with side axles. Rear single wheel and V8 gas.

Used Dodge Ram 3500 2wd Quad Cab 160.5

No matter who he is, he will eventually get a good truck. As I discussed the capabilities of this particular truck, it is still the 2019 Ram and so it is blessed with the same well-thought-out and well-designed cabin, stronger body, better ride (yes it Used to be worse) Reduce noise and steering clearer, which made my mountain trail evaluation less scary than expected. If anything, removing it from the back seat and most of the new gizmos makes it easy to enjoy the basic goodness of the new Ram HD.

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