Stanced Cateye Duramax Cab

Stanced Cateye Duramax Cab – Acclaimed as the flagship of C/K’s long-haul pickup line, the first-generation Silverado brought Chevy’s pickup line into the 21st century. Launched with many of the same powertrains and bodywork as its predecessor, the Silverado strikes a balance between modern design and analog engineering that has become a popular choice for enthusiasts who want the reliability and simplicity of legacy models, while still having access to the essentials. is newer .

Finding this balance is an even bigger priority for diesel enthusiasts. As manufacturers have modernized diesel engines to meet stricter emissions standards, reliability has suffered in some applications. The Silverado received the LBZ diesel engine in 2006, the final year of the model’s first generation.

Stanced Cateye Duramax Cab

The LBZ was the last General Motors diesel not shipped with emissions control technology that hampered fuel economy and reliability. Therefore, trucks equipped with LBZ have become very desirable.

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Owner Michael Gibson bought this 2006 Silverado as a bumper sticker for his dealership, Hemstreet Motors. He knew he wanted an older Chevrolet, but realized that relying on an old truck to do business could be problematic. A friend of the cat’s-eye generation of Silverados, he spotted this one in the area and pressured the owner to sell until he finally gave up. First time diesel owner, he was impressed with the extra capacity compared to the older tires.

Although the first generation Silverados have reached the twenty-year mark, they haven’t achieved that desirable, vintage look of OBS and square trucks. Wanting a little more presence on the road, Michael instead turned his vision forward, a modern choice for a street truck that didn’t sacrifice any ability. A big part of that look comes from the tires, so he chose a set of 305/50/20 Nitto NT420V luxury truck tires.

Aesthetically, the NT420V fits right in with Michael’s plan for the truck. Available in modern OE sizes as well as larger diameters and widths for popular aftermarket applications, the NT420V complements the Silverado without standing out too much. While the truck was 2WD, it wasn’t interested in any off-road adventures, and was happy to get the NT420V’s street-inspired look.

Since the truck is primarily a work vehicle, on-road stability and reliability were a top priority for Gibson. He liked that these tires featured large, outer tread blocks to increase the amount of road contact area, and cornered well in rough conditions. As the weather worsens in the southern states where he lives, he’s confident that the shoe’s design works to keep water out, while the increased number of internal grooves improves moisture transfer – something he’s tested several times.

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Additionally, this truck travels regularly across the country, so longevity is a key element for this property. He likes that the non-directional design of the thread allows for cross rotation for longer wear and life.

As each successive generation of the truck becomes more and more desirable to those looking to recapture nostalgia, NBS Chevys are second in line for a resurgence in popularity, and ultimately collectability. For a truck like Michael’s, when paired with an LBZ engine, however, their appeal goes beyond aesthetics and driving dynamics to include functionality and reliability.

Match his decision to match that rare combination of features with the Nitto NT420V, which looks great, rides well and performs without complaint. For any street-style truck that still needs a driver, the NT420V luxury truck tire is the ideal choice. BDS Suspension 4.5″ Lift Kit | 01-06 Chevrolet & GMC 1500HD Pickup 4WD & 01-10 2500 SUV/ Pickup 4WD

BDS Suspension 4.5″ Lift Kit | 01-06 Chevrolet & GMC 1500HD Pickup 4WD & 01-10 2500 SUV/ Pickup 4WD 192H

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This unique High Clearance lift kit utilizes high arched forks that work perfectly with the angle of the factory installed lower control arms for a fully integrated look when making your vehicle a complete 4-1 /2″ lift and dramatically increases ground clearance over the front legs and improves running geometry. For added off-road protection, a front differential skid plate comes standard.

This highly customizable kit gives you the options you need to build your track. Standard or narrow track link kits, gas shocks, and dual steering stabilizers are just a few of the options and upgrades for this 4-1/2″ Chevy/GMC lift kit.

** This episode comes with a ton of vehicles, so let’s see if it fits yours. Don’t see it in the list above? Don’t worry, enter your vehicle in the search bar above to see the full list of compatible vehicles.**

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