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Superior Uhaul Cargo Van Top – U-Haul to keep Kmart building A resolution approved Tuesday by state lawmakers would help pave the way for redevelopment of the vacant Kmart building. U-Haul 3015 Tower Ave. plans to turn the site into a climate-controlled warehouse. “It’s a special place for Twin P…

A U-Haul truck sits outside the former Kmart building Wednesday at 3015 Tower Ave. A city official confirmed U-Haul will buy the building. It will become a climate-controlled warehouse and retail store with up to 1,200 units. Jed Carlson/[email protected]

Superior Uhaul Cargo Van Top

An ordinance approved Tuesday by Superior City Councilors will help clear the way for redevelopment of the vacant Kmart building.

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“It’s a place that doesn’t exist in the Twin Ports,” said Jason Serk, director of economic development, port and planning.

He confirmed U-Haul is buying the 86,000-square-foot building in the next two months and said construction could begin this summer. U-Haul plans to invest $6 million in the project and hire about 35 employees, Serk said.

Tuesday’s ordinance adds indoor self-storage spaces to the list of permitted uses in the city’s freeway shopping district. He also detailed the new business, which will include secure, 24-hour access and a retail store for related commercial activities.

The main part of the building will house up to 1,200 climate-controlled warehouses for business or household goods. But, Serk said, 3,500 square feet will be devoted to selling moving supplies and hits.

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Unlike franchise operations, this will be a corporate, regional facility. And it blends in with neighboring businesses. Design standards must reflect surrounding buildings and be approved by the planning department, the ordinance said.

The building has been idle for almost a year. Superior’s Kmart closed last April, displacing 42 associates.

The shuttered Target down the street, which closed its doors in January 2016, is quiet. Serk Bill Stack of Stack Mechanical confirmed that he bought the building about a year ago and is looking for tenants.

Superior has several large buildings seeking tenants, he said. Serk also pointed to a collection of construction projects currently underway in the city, from the Hampton Inn along East Second Street and the Bachand Group’s new downtown office to the Superior apartment complex on the city’s south end.

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Plans for a Superior brewery got a boost after the City Council approved Earth Rider Brewing LLC’s application for a Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation grant at Tuesday’s meeting. On the 9th anniversary of DACA, protesters gathered in Lafayette Square to criticize the Biden administration for its inaction. on immigration

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in Laredo, Texas, intercepted a U-Haul truck carrying 27 illegal immigrants in a suspected smuggling operation.

Agents intercepted the truck on I-35 just north of the Laredo Sector immigration checkpoint Sunday afternoon, CBP said in a statement.

Agents began a vehicle stop and found 27 illegal immigrants in the unventilated cargo area of ​​the U-Haul truck. The temperature inside turned out to be 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The immigrants were from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. None of them were wearing personal protective equipment. Agents screened migrants for symptoms of COVID-19 and provided them with personal protective equipment.

All the immigrants, as well as the driver and passenger – both US citizens – were detained pending further investigation.

“Despite the variety of ways people smugglers try to avoid detection, our agents remain vigilant and committed to our mission of border security and national security,” said Patrol Agent Matthew Hudak.

Fox News has reached out to CBP for additional information on the driver and immigration status and will update accordingly.

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Bradford Betz is a reporter for Fox News Digital. Story tips can be sent to [email protected] and on Twitter: @Bradford_Betz. Have you rented a U-Haul truck or van in recent years? If so, you may have noticed that the final rental price is significantly higher than the original advertised price. This illegal marketing practice, which is used by other companies, including Airbnb, is alleged in a newly proposed class action.

If you entered into a rental agreement with U-Haul in Quebec on or after November 18, 2017 and paid more than the amount originally posted, excluding GST, QST or other taxes, this new class You may become a potential Class Member in the action. claim

Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act (CPA) prohibits merchants from charging more than the advertised price and imposes a duty to ensure that consumers are adequately informed of any relevant facts , the complaint states. The CPA also prohibits merchants such as U-Haul from misleading consumers by offering them lower prices than they would ultimately pay.

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However, the U-Haul class action lawsuit alleges that the defendants adopted several schemes to advertise rental vehicles at prices below the actual prices consumers would pay.

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“Several schemes have been adopted in the vehicle rental context to give consumers the impression that they are getting rental prices that are not actually the prices they will ultimately have to pay.”

As a result of these alleged “schemes”, consumers do not know the exact price they have to pay when they see the advertised price for a car rental. In fact, the complaint alleges that U-Haul’s “actual price is always higher than the price originally advertised.”

The U-Haul class action lawsuit alleges this behavior, saying that U-Haul “by advertising prices on its website, mobile app, and various advertisements and postings as lower than the prices ultimately charged.” ‘regularly violates consumer protection laws’ for renting vans and trucks for Rs.

Representative plaintiff Benjamin Wiot seeks an end to this “harmful practice” and a rent reduction equal to the amount that exceeds the posted price, as well as punitive damages.

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Upon opening the U-Haul website for the first time, there is a photo of a truck with a price tag of $19.95 with the words “lol up from $19.95 plus miles/fees” comes with However, this advertised price is much lower than what consumers usually pay.

There are five steps to renting a U-Haul truck or van. These steps consist of providing the U-Haul rental criteria, based on which the initial price is provided, the dates of use, the selection of insurance and other features.

According to the U-Haul class action lawsuit, only the rental truck totals in the fifth phase detailing the charges now include an additional amount for “environmental charges.”

Customers then proceed to make reservations, but are not charged at the time of the reservation, the U-Haul class action lawsuit alleges. The rental fee is paid only when the number of kilometers is known, after the vehicle is returned by the customer.

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The U-Haul class action lawsuit alleges that the charge is systematically higher than the original estimated price and the widely publicized $19.95.

The class action says U-Haul routinely fails to post the full price, regardless of whether the consumer first sees the posted price on the truck, on the U-Haul website or on the mobile app.

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U-Haul’s published rates do not include environmental fees that are added to any rental vehicle subject to a U-Haul class action permit request. Also, for cars advertised at $19.95 and contrary to advertising claims, the base price will change, especially if demand is high. Finally, posted prices do not include a per-mile charge for the customer, even though that per-mile charge is an integral part of the U-Haul rental price.

After three years of litigation, Airbnb has settled a Quebec lawsuit that alleged the company violated the CPA by advertising prices on its platforms but adding additional fees at checkout. The Airbnb class action was filed in Quebec Superior Court in August 2017. Charging extra fees at checkout is a practice similar to that used by U-Haul and has been condemned by consumers across the province.

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Have you rented a truck or van with U-Haul? Were you charged more than advertised? Share your story with us in the comments below!

Potential Class Members Hadekel Shams S.E.N.C.R.L., Grenier Verbauwhede Avots inc. and Trudel Johnston and Lesperance.

The U-Haul class action lawsuit is Benjamin Wiot v. U-Haul Co . (nada) Ltée et Wet Team Associates, inc., se No. 500-06-001104-203, before the Superior Court of the District of Montreal, Quebec. , nada.

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U-Haul has been accused of an illegal advertising scheme in a class action

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