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Topfull U Haul Cargo Van Unlimited Miles Top – Comparison of 9+ passenger cars, and a review of the Ford Transit through the lens of a large family, with an update for the 2020 model.

When we started looking for a car to fit our family of 9 we tried to determine what characteristics the “perfect car” would have. It should work for all of us. If possible it should fit in the garage. It should be something we don’t think about keeping for a decade. It should be reasonably priced, and almost indestructible. One way or another we feel like we got it all.

Topfull U Haul Cargo Van Unlimited Miles Top

Clockwise from top left: Ford Transit, Nissan NV Passenger, GMC Savana, Ford E-Series, Chevrolet Express, Chevrolet Tahoe. Photos: Ford, Nissan, GM

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We immediately eliminated the Express, Savana, and E-Series Vans. If you’ve ever taken the Super Shuttle at the airport you’ve boarded one of these. Most of them haven’t been redesigned in a decade or more. Save for a couple of minor facelifts, they remain boring and slow, running global-warming V8s with body-on-frame construction.

The Nissan NV is an interesting choice as we know these are very popular family vans. They come standard with 12-seats, the back 10 are divided into 7 different units so you have a lot of flexibility. Our main issue with the Nissan is its large size and its handling. It was the largest of the vans we looked at – about 2 inches longer for our garage, and almost 2 feet longer than similar vans. As for handling, it handles like a U-Haul box truck. Not good.

We had the hardest time deciding between the Ford Transit and one of GM’s larger SUV offerings. If you are a parent and have had the experience of trying hard to find something that fits your family but not a minivan you will understand our dilemma. We went through that struggle a few years ago and decided that a full-size crossover was better for us. We talk about how it has more power, and better handling, and better styling, and on and on. In the end, we were the only ones who argued against buying a minivan.

In retrospect, we made the wrong choice. If you have kids, you don’t want to worry about people crawling on seats, or jamming a crayon in the slide/fold/stow mechanism. You don’t want to worry about people smashing their head on the door frame as they twist to get out of the car because there is no clear path from the back to the door. What you want is functionality and ease of use. The Yukon/Tahoe technically seats 9 but that’s in a 3–3–3 configuration, meaning a child sits up front with the driver. And how comfortable is it in the third row?

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Better judgment prevails at this time — it’s more important to let go of “coolness” and focus instead on practicality. Transit wins.

I don’t spend a lot of time on it. But I will say when it comes to ordering a car I think we have found the secret to success.

Before that, it’s important to point out that we didn’t find a 10-passenger Transit Wagon that fit us on any dealer lots anywhere within a day’s drive. I think a combination of these new vehicles, that they are mostly used as commercial vehicles, and that we don’t want a mid or high roof model is why we were forced to order one which comes directly from Ford.

We build the model that fits us on Ford’s website and then send that (via email) to every Ford dealership within 75 miles of us. These are about 30 dealerships. We informed them that we were emailing other sellers and hoping to get the best price. We heard back from about 12 of them. From our point of view, since it is new the price of the car is the most important factor. We got the lowest price from a dealer in downtown Austin and placed the order with a $500 deposit. From there it’s just a waiting game. We placed our order at the end of November 2015 and delivered (to our house) at the beginning of March 2016. 16 weeks all told, without ever setting foot in the dealership we bought the car from.

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The Transit comes in several configurations for the wagon model, which is the passenger version of the van. I will ignore the commercial versions for the rest of the article. There are three roof lengths, two wheelbases and three body lengths. This gives you anywhere from 8–15 passenger seats.

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Our van, which is the low roof model does not need much thought for vertical clearance. It fits in most areas.

Seven feet, which fits most commercial parking garages, and some residential garages. You’ll want to measure yours carefully, our garage door opening is about a quarter of an inch taller than the height of the van. It fits, but only slightly. The mid-roof model is tall enough for most people to move around the cabin without bending over, and the high roof is tall enough for almost anyone to walk comfortably. Regular wheelbase, and shortest body models can have 8 or 10 passenger seats, the latter being what we have. The longer wheelbase, mid-length model seats 12-15, and the extended body comes standard with 15 seats.

We chose the low roof regular wheelbase because we like the way it handles and we don’t have to worry about vertical clearance 99% of the time. When you’ve driven a full-size extended cab truck, it’s no longer difficult to fight narrow residential streets, or navigate your local Costco parking lot.

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We drove a long-wheelbase model on one trip before getting our van. Yes, it’s still easy to drive, but I feel like I’m spending a lot of time checking my side mirror to make sure I don’t run into the curb every time I turn right. If you don’t need 12+ passenger seats, or a large amount of storage space, I prefer the shorter wheelbase.

We chose the towing package because it was about the same price as the aftermarket solution and we wanted the ability to tow a small trailer or install a hitch mounted bike rack.

SYNC3’s stereo “fancy-pants” may be a bit of a technological leap. I justified this to myself because it gained compatibility with Apple’s CarPlay technology later in the year through an update and I really wanted the ability to have access to the full functionality of the iPhone / Siri via audio system and display in the van. Something I hadn’t thought of, but I’m very pleased with how great the backup camera looks. If you end up with a small screen by bypassing the SYNC system the view is really, really small. Ford could improve the resolution of that camera though. The in-dash display has a nice 8-inch display, but the rear camera resolution is only as good as a flip-phone camera.

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The privacy glasses I would suggest everyone get. We test drove a Transit with “standard tinting” as one dealer called it. As far as we know the windows are 100% translucent. The privacy glass is not so dark, it seems to be the same as the normal tinting.

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You are tall in the drivers seat. This has the great benefit of giving you an amazing field of view. It’s like you can see everything in front of you, the windshield is big and clear. The A-Pillars aren’t very wide and from where I’m standing they don’t seem to block anything important.

A small note on the drivers and passenger side windows is that only about 55% of the window will break. I think because of the odd shape of the door not every window can recess into the panel and so you have the back side rolling but the front stationary. It reminds you that you are in something that was originally designed as a commercial vehicle.

In my opinion the single biggest drawback of the Transit is its central rear visibility. The rear doors are barn-door style so there is a very wide column down the center of the field of view.

I left everything but using the rear-view mirror. I almost rely on the side mirror to drive. This can be an argument for buying long arm mirrors which are usually announced as necessary when you do a lot of hauling. I have in the time since buying the van a clip on the curved mirror that covers the rear-view. It doesn’t help looking back, but now I can keep an eye on all the passengers. Parents know what I’m talking about.

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