Uhaul Cargo Van One Way

Uhaul Cargo Van One Way – Let’s face it: not all moves require a large moving truck. Although this may have been your first choice, due to the higher clearance, some locations will not allow it. So now that you’ve made the decision to downsize, how do you decide between renting a pickup truck or a cargo van? Both vehicles are smaller and easier for the average person to drive and have a maximum load capacity of 4,000 kg. All vehicle rentals also start at the same price! So, really, what is the difference between the two? Fear not travel, because we have the answer to your questions.

Because of the open truck bed of a truck, this vehicle is a DIYer’s best friend. Simply load up the bed of your truck with whatever home improvement or other items you need to transport, and strap everything to your truck bed to make sure it’s secured and ready to move.

Uhaul Cargo Van One Way

The size and shape of the truck bed helps with larger and bulkier items such as appliances and furniture. With a towing capacity of up to 6,000 lbs, you can tow a vehicle or boat behind your truck. Don’t let the truck’s open bed discourage you if you’re worried about exposing your cargo to outside conditions. Tie a tarp over your items and they’ll be fine! Now you and two other travelers can go your separate ways!

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Unlike a pickup truck rental, a cargo van only has 2 seats instead of three. However, cargo vans have cruise control and additional tie-down points. These rub rails and ties ensure that even in your already closed vehicle, the items will not move and will remain in perfect condition while you move them. If your items are more fragile, a cargo van is better suited to your needs, as your cargo will be protected from any outside weather conditions and can be secured inside the van.

If you’re worried that not all of your belongings will fit into the truck or cargo vans, remember that you can make multiple trips when it comes to local moves or deliveries. Also, if you need more space to move for a longer distance, you can attach a trailer or pack your personal vehicle behind a pickup truck and tow it. Another important point to consider when choosing between vehicles is where you will need to park for loading or unloading. If you pack your pickup truck with items that are too large, it may be a little too tall for the rest of the clearance. Trust me…my mattress and parking were pretty much figured out through some strategic testing. If you don’t pack your pickup truck this way, however, it’s shorter than a cargo van. Cargo vans also have sliding side doors to help facilitate street parking.

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Whether it’s a pickup truck or cargo van you need, it’s available through U-Haul Truck Share, a 24/7 self-service program. With self-pickup and self-return available, you’ll truly be moving on your own time and no one else’s. Whether you’re looking to move some furniture or you’re trying to haul an overflow from a full rental truck, you may feel like there aren’t many options for small, long-distance moves. Most cargo vans are only available for local or commercial use, and even the smallest rental trucks can be too big. Find out where you can rent a cargo van and explore if you can’t find other ways to move things.

If you’re moving out of state, you need a one-way rental (where you pick up and drop off at multiple locations). However, most of the major truck rental companies offer small vans for local or commercial use. while you

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Use a local rental (and take it back to the original location), which requires additional time and money for the return distance and fuel.

Check out the different companies, the equipment they offer, and the types of moves they accept with the van rental.

So what do you do if you can’t find a cargo van to move? There are ways to move your belongings across the country without renting a one-way van.

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U-Pack ® is a DIY moving service that’s the equivalent of a truck rental, except you don’t have to drive. While we can handle any size move, our minimum space is equivalent to the capacity of a cargo van. The 9′ U-Haul van has 245 cubic feet of cargo space. Here’s how we compare:

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Depending on location, moving date and size, U-Pack prices are often comparable (or even lower) than cargo van rentals. Get a free moving quote online or call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 for your moving rates.

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How much does PODS® cost compared to U-Pack, how much does it cost to move long distance with PODS®? Find out what price you can expect and compare that to the U… Moving with a cargo van is a great option for moving that many people may overlook. Not everyone lives in huge mansions with more than 6 bedrooms. Most of us have slightly smaller moves to deal with, and for those people a cargo van can be the perfect solution to many of your moving day problems.

You may be lucky enough to live in a place with plenty of parking, or use a large driveway or loading area. For many, especially city dwellers, this is not the case. If you can only load from a single allocated parking space or need to parallel park on the street, then moving with a cargo van may be the right decision. Cargo vans can park in most average parking spaces, and the shorter length makes it easier to park on the street. When you’re parallel parked, the side loading doors make it easy to load and unload household goods.

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Can you only access your apartment from a parking lot? Are there bushes or low trees between your house and the road? Moving with a cargo van allows you to reach many of those places that taller trucks couldn’t go. The worst thing you have to deal with is a stuck or damaged truck the day you move because you thought, “Looks like the truck will fit.” Check the interior of the vehicle for room for you and always look for height reduction signs to make sure, but cargo vans are the best option.

We know money can be tight, and a move can bring many unexpected extra costs. At U-Haul, cargo vans are still priced at $19.95, and can cost much less per mile than the larger moving trucks. If you’re moving on a budget, this makes vans a great money-saving option. Check out these posts for more information on budgeting for your move.

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You might be surprised how much you can fit into a cargo van. Sofas? 9′ sofas will fit in the back of a cargo van. The beds? Full size mattresses will fit easily. There is room for all that and more. The rear door dimensions on U-Haul cargo vans are approximately 5’1-1/2″ x 4’1-1/2″ (WxH), and you have 9’6″ x 5’7″ x 4′. 245 cubic feet of space in the 7″ (LxWxH) cargo area for your household goods. (Note: U-Haul has several types of vans in its fleet, you should check with your local dealer for details). Check out this video from U-Haul that shows everything that can fit in the back of a cargo van for a home move:

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